Roon Remote (Win 10) Crash

Starting the application ROON remote on win10, see it opens, and 4 sec later it closes.
Every time, tried a reinstall did not solve issue.
Windows 10home, 64bit and 64 cpu ver.1709
Intel Core i7-6700 cpu, 16Gb Ram.

Remote on Android controls the core fine.
Core is a Qnap NAS TS653B, 8GbRam, and running Core on SSD drive.
Most of the time playing FLAC, through an ASUS sound-card attached directly to Core on USB interface.


Hi @Tormod_Engesaeth ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us, both are very appreciated! My apologies for the slow response here.

Moving forward, in regard to the affected device, have you always had this issue where the remote application crashes or had it been working for a period of time? If it is indeed the latter, have there been any changes made to the computer itself and/or your setup since noticing the problem?

Furthermore, does Win10 generate any error message when the application crashes? Have you check the “event viewer” for errors?