Roon remote wont connect to Roon Core, and the Core frequently crashes

Roon Core Machine

Mac Studio Ultra, Max CPU and RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Swisscom Router newest model 4, 10 gBit fibre, WiFi 6, no VPN

Connected Audio Devices

Brooklyn Bridge, MacBook, Lenovo Yoga, iPads Pro, iPhone

Number of Tracks in Library

120000 tracks iTunes on external drive connected to mac studio, but mostly I use Tidal and Qobuz

Description of Issue

Roon has gotten worse over the last years, but since 2.0 totally unusable.

On my iPad, with 650 mB/s, iMac directly connected to the router at 10mBit, I cannot stream Qobuz, tidal, not even my local files without dropouts and eventually skipping tracks!!!

Roon remote won‘t connect, I now set my mac studio to not getting to sleep and hope this might help (worked earlier and on my older iMac intel).

More than half of the times I want to play music, Roon remote won‘t find the core, I have to log in in my Mac studio and often restart roon, even if it‘s running.

Roon crashes on my mac, which never happened in ealier versions.

On my Macbook pro 16 (m1), roon won‘t even find an output port, it only shows the ones of my Mac Studio.

I really like Roon when it runs, so I have to lifetime version, but to what awail?

Please make Roon great again.

Thanks and regards



sorry, after all the fault is in the internet connection. I got a new router a week ago that supports 10Gb as does my mac studio. When I disconnected wifi on the mac, I saw that connection of the 10 Gb went on and off. I tried it with 3 different cables, but either none of them is suited for the 10Gb connection or the 10gB port on my router or mac is faulty. 1 switched it on a 1gB port now and finally can listen to roon again without dropouts and skipping.

Will buy a new cable tomorrow and hope this was the problem.

Let‘s hope this solves the crashing of roon as well. Alas my macbook pro 16 still only sees the mac studio core‘s outputs.

Sorry again, and hopefully you can help to solve this macbook issue.

thanks and regards


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