Roon Remote works on 2 iPads -- on 2 it fails to connect. Why?

**Windows PC running Windows 10. Roon version 1.7 build 505.

This problem involves four different iPad of differing age, from very old to very new. All iPads discussed below have latest versions of Roon Remote. All iPads use identical connection to the network.

Assistance from Roon support would be greatly appreciated. I already searched through old threads but no one has reported this type of problem.

The Roon Core runs fine. Starting several days ago, Room remote on two iPads stopped connecting while two others work fine.

Oddly, it works fine on a very old iPad mini, and an 12" iPad Pro that is about a year old.

Room remote completely fails to find the core on a 6 month old iPad Pro 11" and an older iPad that is probably 6 to 8 years old.

All four iPads are connected to the network in the same way. Use the same network connection. All are not only connected to the network, but all are connected to the internet.

So it works fine on an older and newer iPad, and fails to connect to the core on an older and newest iPad.

Clearly this is not a firewall problem, but I checked to make sure that app exceptions exist within the firewall. In desperation to try anything, I turned off the firewall completely and it made no difference.

Why would Roon Remote connect to the core fine on two iPads but not on two others completely fail no matter what I’ve tried?

Why would it fail on both an older iPad and on a very new 11" iPad Pro? But work fine on a very old iPad mini and a 12" iPad Pro?

Are the ipads named differently enough to differentiate them? I have two ipads and an iphone useable as remotes. No issue for me, although on one occasion my Roon app disappeared after a iOS update and I had to reload it. Are the remotes identified as Enabled devices under Settings>Audio

I would remove and reinstall the roon apps on the broken iPads. also check you are not on a guest network.

try and app like fing or lanscan and scan the network to see what devices these iPads see…if they dont see the core or each other then something on the network is amiss…

could also be your DNS settings in the DHCP settings as no local DNS to find the core.

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iPads are all named differently. And this has not been a problem for years. Only now.

I removed and downloaded the Roon app – again and again.

If it was DNS, why work on two but not the other two?

I will try Fing tonight and report.

Hi @allan2,

Do the non-working iPads have any apps that the working ones do not? Specifically apps that perform network traffic shaping such as VPN (even if the VPN is not active)?

I would second the suggestion to use Fing to verify that they are all on the same sub-net. What kind of router are you using, what is the model/manufacturer? You mentioned they are on the same network, but are they perhaps connecting to different access points?

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