Roon Remotes cannot connect after update (backups not working / login not working)

Roon Core Machine

TrueNAS Intel CPU 8 Cores, 32 GB RAM, Running in Virtual Machine Ubuntu

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Fritzbox direct cable connection to Server

Connected Audio Devices

  • Android mobiles
  • Raspberry PI running a Remote
  • Roon Supported Hardware devices
  • MacBook as remote

Number of Tracks in Library

around 10.000 tracks

Description of Issue

  1. Roon was updated and lost connection to mounted disks.
  2. After restart roon was not starting then I needed to add my credentials again.
  3. I restored from a backup.
  4. I restarted roon.
  5. now the device / core is displayed, but does not connect.
  6. then after a long time, I am thrown back to the login or restore backup page.
  7. tried it 4x to load a backup, always behaves the same.

Log shows:

11/10 18:42:59 Debug: [easyhttp] [12] GET to
-4af4-ac0a-2970bb7cde29&osversion=Linux+5.4.0-131-generic&os64bit=true returned after 627 ms, status code: 204
11/10 18:42:59 Debug: [appupdater] Update not needed
11/10 18:42:59 Info: [stats] 20759mb Virtual, 167mb Physical, 67mb Managed, 241 Handles, 53 Threads
11/10 18:43:01 Trace: [remoting/brokerserver] [initconn>] Connected
11/10 18:43:01 Warn: [remoting/brokerserver] [initconn>] failed: System.Exception: got unexpected broker id in REQ_HANDSHAKE: f41c213c-9406-4da2-ae6e-9abca3fb4a85
   at Sooloos.Broker.Distributed.InitConnectionV2.Go()

the last error is displayed again and again.

Server should be newest version:

Then I should restart, I try / do this a lot. Then this morning the server is back to the enter account page:

Next try is doing a release upgrade in Ubuntu, but the problem started with the update of Roon. Never had the issue of not being able to login. Never had to use backups before, but the seem to not work properly.

Release update is done to newest Ubuntu LTS release. The update went through without any problems, Roon server starts, but shows the same problems:

  1. Need to login OR restore from backup
  2. restored from backup => no connection possible
  3. back to login OR restore page
  4. the Logfile shows some Error logs, but I do not know how to provide the Logfile here

roon starts up again:

  1. Note to anyone having the problem. After loading the Backup Login is needed, then the server starts.
  2. Next problem. The Roon imported network shares are not working. I can add them with username and password, but then it is not used (albums from shares are not imported). Strange the mounts are added to a “/mnt/RoonStorage_xxxxx…” folder. I disabled the old paths and readded from the RoonStorage folder and now it loads all albums.

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