Roon remotes cannot find Nucleus - needing manual reboot daily

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Roon Nucleus/Roon OS Version 1.0(build 219)/Roon version 1.7(build 571)/ connected to router by Ethernet

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Sagemcom ADSL Router/ Ethernet

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

KEF LSX and Sonos Move/ both connected by wifi

Roon remotes - iPhone XS/ MacBook Air 2019

Description Of Issue

since Updating to Roon v1.7, my connection to the Nucleus has started to drop out. It is happening a few times a day, often at night and needs a manual reboot to resolve. The remotes are unable to locate/ connect to the nucleus until I reboot. My internet connection has remained stable the whole time and I had no such issues with the Nucleus prior to updating to 1.7. Please help

Next time the issue occurs power cycle your router instead of booting the Nucleus. Worth a try just to see. I have a Nuc/Rock setup and very seldom have connection issues but when I do power cycling the router resolves the issue.

Thanks Mike. I did try this the last couple of times and unfortunately the issue recurred anyway. Thanks for the suggestion though. regards, Adith

Hello @ADITH_MOHAN, thanks for your report! When this issue occurs, are you able to access the WebUI? Also, do both remotes disconnect at the same time as far as you can tell? Lastly, can you elaborate on your network setup? Any switches, router model, etc.?

Hi @nuwriy. Thanks for getting back to me. To answer your questions -

  1. No I can’t access the web UI. The Roon app on my Mac says it cant find my Nucleus and keeps looking until I manually reboot
    @) Yes the remotes disconnect at the same time as far as I can tell (iPhone, MacBook and iPad)
  2. Ive got the Nucleus wired into my router by Ethernet, No Switchs, Router model is Sagemcom F@ST 3864V3 HP.

Some help would be really appreciated. The issue is still pretty bad. Had to reboot 3 times yesterday and once already this morning. Also the Nucleus keeps “losing control of the audio device” even if I don’t lose my connection altogether which is another issue that has only cropped up since updating to v1.7. Thanks !

@nuwriy. Any update on my reported issue? I’ve heard nothing back from #support for a couple of days and my Nucleus connection issues are continuing. I’d hoped you might be more prompt in responding??

I’m experiencing the same although I use a NUC rather than a Nucleus. It seems to be since the 1.7 update and happens several times an hour. To recover I usually have to choose ‘select a different core’ and theN restart the Roon app on the iPad. Prior to 1.7 everything was rock steady.

When you cycled the router did the connections recover? The same as when the Nucleus was rebooted?

Like you, I had no problems until upgrading to 1.7. Reading some of the community threads, it seems like others are having the same issue. I really haven’t had much luck hearing back from #support. Im relatively new to Roon. Do you know what else I can do to get their attention/ ask for Roon tech support?

Hi @Mike_LC. It does recover, esp when I reboot the nucleus. Not always when I power cycle the router though - often needs me to reboot the nucleus anyway.

@nuwriy - Still hoping you might reply with some suggestions. I went as far as to change my Router to the Sagemcom Gateway F@ST5366 TN from the F@ST 3864V3 HP with the Nucleus still wired into the router directly by ethernet. Unfortunately, hasn’t made any difference to the connection issues. This morning it was still

I really could use some #support from you guys. It does sound like many others are having the same issue when I read through the community threads and it seems to be since updating to v1.7. Could there be a bug fix that might help rectify the problem?

Usually when I have been reading this forum, support seems to be forthcoming, especially under support, so not sure what else to do to illicit a response.

Thanks. I’ll wait to hear in that case. It does sound like a bug in the update though. Hopefully a patch will come out soon. Are your problems with connection continuing?

Yes, listening this morning and it’s just disconnected and not recovered yet.

gosh! painful. I do hope there’s a fix on the horizon

Hello @ADITH_MOHAN, my apologies that you’re still experiencing issues here. I have discussed the issue with my team and they requested that I enable diagnostics for your account next time this issue occurs and you’re unable to access the webUI. So here’s the plan:

  1. When the issue occurs next, try to access the webUI
  2. When you can’t access the webUI, reply to this thread with a timestamp (your local time)
  3. I’ll enable diagnostics for your Nucleus
  4. I’ll pass the report to our QA team so we can get some answers.

Thanks again for your patience, and I look forward to getting you back up and going.

I have the same issue (with ROCK on Intel NUC and Roon Remote on Windows 10 x64). This is since I installed the last versions: Roon 1.7 (build 571) + ROCK 1.0 (build 219).
It is happening a few times a day. Music is playing via network, but Roon Core is not available.
Today there was something new: I leave Roon Remote on. There was no music playing, and no activity on Roon. After a few minutes, I came back, and Roon Remote was disconnected from the Roon Core.
This is happening on two Roon Remotes on Windows 10 x64, on two completely different computers. There wasn’t any change on my environment (network, audio devices, computers etc.) from long time ago.
Something is massed up inside last version…

Hi @nuwriy. Thanks for getting back to me. Ive just woken up and the problem has turned into a new one! I noted on connecting to my Nucleus that the IP address for the Nucleus had changed overnight. (It is 5:56AM Sydney time). It has gone from to This happened by itself overnight. I now get an error message saying ‘Roon encountered an error. Radio is restricted to Library’. Screenshots are attached. I cannot understand what is going on here.

Hello @ADITH_MOHAN, and thanks again for the info. I enabled diagnostics on your account a bit ago but they still aren’t coming in. Could you please fire up the Nucleus and Roon so the report will come in? Thanks!

Hi @nuwriy. Thanks! Ive got it running now. It is 7:50AM Sydney time. As an update, the last 2 days have been pretty good. I thought you might have done something at your end. There is sometimes a delay in connecting to the Nucleus (about 20-30 seconds) but I have not needed to reboot sine yesterday. Im really hoping that will continue! The radio being restricted to library issue has not cropped up either. I did find a thread about that issue that @Dylan was involved with (Roon Radio limited to Library Issue)