Roon remotes can't find library [Solved]

While appreciate that Christmas eve is not an ideal time to post an issue, I’ve got one. This morning I set up my Roon core on a new PC. I uninstalled the Roon core from the PC it used to run on to make sure there weren’t any conflicts. The new Core installation is fine but neither of my remotes (a PC and an iPad) can find the core on my network. The core is set up to allow remote connections and the Windows firewall on that PC has Roon set up as an allowable app. I’ve read a few of the similar topics but haven’t come across anything helpful. I haven’t made any other changes to my network configuration. I’m not sure what to try next. Can anyone help?

To update the previous post, the remotes have now found the server but are failing to connect. This has been going on for about an hour now so it’s not a temporary issue. I tried disabling the firewalls on my PCs and router but it had no effect. I’m sure this isn’t the issue any way because when the core was on the previous PC both the Windows and router firewalls were enabled and everything worked fine. I’ve tried rebooting the core PC and the router. No effect.

Try rebooting everything, including your routers and remotes.

Oops noticed you tried that already. Reinstalll Roon on your remotes. If that doesn’t work then provide some more details about your setup so others can make some more suggestions.

I reinstalled Roon on the iPad but it didn’t help. My network is made up of 3 PCs and a Synology NAS box with a few other non-PC devices (microRendu, SOTM sms-100, Oppo BDP105). Pretty standard setup. Modem -> Router -> Switch. Pretty much everything else other than the iPad is connected to the switch. All of the PCs are running Windows 10. The only other thing I can think of is that the core is loading the library right now. I get that it probably creates some network traffic but I can’t see how that would be enough to prevent the server from being recognized by the remotes.

You will need to allow traffic for RAATserver as wel as Roon(server) in your firewalls. Didn’t the firewall prompt you at first run?

For testing, I would disable the firewall(s) and reinstate it with the proper permissions for Roon once things are working as they should.

I don’t leave the software firewall on for machines that are always behind a router performing NAT. Specifically private networks, that allows a laptop to leave the house and join public networks with the software firewall still enabled.

It makes these issues never happen.

Yes, I didn’t mention that but RAATserver was set as an allowable app as well.

Turn off the firewall and that will probably fix it

I did that already. It didn’t make any difference.

Next issue could be that the remotes are on a different network segment. Try installing FING to see if your remote unit addresses are constant with your wired segment.

Hi Stephen,

Is the PC you are using as a remote the old core?

I’ve read that some people had this type of issue when they didn’t remove everything related to Roon off the old core. So, I would uninstall Roon completely off the old core PC and reinstall.

Cheers, Greg

Yes Greg, the remote PC was the old core and I was worried about that. When I uninstalled I chose the option to remove everything but I may just uninstall again to be sure. The thing is the remote that I’m running off the iPad won’t connect either so I’m not sure this will help. Probably worth trying anyway.

I installed FING but I have no idea how to use it and there’s no manual as far as I can tell.

Have you installed the Fing app on an iPad ? If so, take a screenshot of the Fing devices page (first page when you open the app) and post it here (use the uparrow icon above). Fing shows what devices are on the same network segment as your iPad. If the new PC Core computer isn’t there, then that is why your Remotes can’t connect and we can look into getting it on the same network segment.

Here’s a webpage with some detail about the various options/functions in Fing.

I loaded FING on to the iPad. I’m not really sure how to get a screenshot from an iPad but I can tell you that all of my devices are on the same subnet. They’re all listed.

This is how to take a screenshot.

This KB Article sets out common issues with Remote detection.

If everything is on the same network segment and all firewalls are off then something unusual is preventing detection.

You mentioned a Switch in your setup. Can you tell us more about it ? What brand/model, is it managed or unmanaged ? Some switches don’t have UDP or multicast on by default, both of which Roon needs for detection and operation.

Problem solved. The Windows firewall on the core was only allowing communication on the private network, not the public network. My Ethernet connection is set up as a public network. Thanks to everyone for their assistance.

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