Roon remotes lose connection to Core

I doubt that other than MultiCast support, they will give you a feature list, but good luck with that. I await Roon support response with interest.

I does seem that when people try to help you, that you respond with some kind of negativeness, or correction = which is a bit off-putting.

So I will now bow out and wish you well.

A feature list is of little use - it’s the quality of implementation of networking features by the manufacturer that matters. Roon Labs has already given guidance on Networking Best Practices.

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It is definitely that something exceptionally odd at the OP’s wifi network!
This is the first time that I have ever heard of this particular issue.

the KB article says only this “a powerful 802.11ac router with a WiFi access point built-in”
I think my router already complies with that even though it is provided by my ISP. I read the KB, my network does not fit in any of the bad practice cases. Other than that they provide specific instructions for several router models.
If I come accross as negative, it’s because maybe I am a little. This really isn’t working for me, I am a paying customer and I don’t see good solutions yet. I cannot comb through the entire crop of routers available on the market hoping that I will get lucky with one.

*ok, so looking for a router. *
*the already suggested ASUS RT-AC5300 is 350EUR where I live… that’s a bit too much. I would pay 350EUR if it would solve other issues as well, but it’s not really the case yet. *

Can anyone share any thoughts about the lower priced ASUS RT-AC68U, full specs here

scrap that, I’m reading now the router recommendation threads, no need to post recommendations here as there are plenty in other threads. I am shocked at the prices…

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Apropos of folks buying used Cisco 2960 switches on eBay — are you sure it’s not counterfeit? See for the latest take.

probably this issue is about energy saving of your laptop: it’s enough to set network card of your laptop not to save energy

@noris @support
I think this goes well with the theme of a stable remote on iOS.
When trying to switch from one zone to another the Roon app on my iPhone X crashes. It simply disappears. I then have to restart the app and the switching works normally.
If it matters, the zone I am trying to switch to is a Chromecast.

Network details already provided, please let me know if you need additional info.

Have you considered mesh wifi? That is the strongest option for a whole house setup. Something that has access points is best. I use EERO mesh. I believe it’s only available in North America, but there should be other similar options.

None of my stuff crashes. Very reliable.

Edit: I had a Asus 68 router RT AC68P. Mesh performed far better in my house.

Hi @DanMtsn,

What kind of device did you start playback on before the Chromecast zone? I just tried migrating zones from a Dragonfly Red, Pulse 2i, Chromecast Ultra and Toshiba Built-in Chromecast and I did not experience any crashing.

Have you managed to replace the old router or are you still using that one? I suggest replacing the router first, as these symptoms might also be due to your network.

As for specific router models, we cannot provide a specific brand/model, but as you have seen there are quite a few threads that discuss user’s experience with various router brands and models.

We have found that often ISP routers have poor multicast implementations, but that is obviously not noted in the marketing materials for the router. Mesh is a good choice if you have a large area you need to cover.

Once you replace the router, we can see what issues are resolved versus which ones still need further investigating.

I started playback on my Roon core. Then tried to switch zones using the phone. Didn’t change the router, I’m still researching the matter…

thank you. I’m currently looking into Ubiquity solutions, mesh included.

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Good luck with it. The mesh technology is a big step up. I’ll never go back to a single router sitting in the corner of the house.

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I don’t have that

Been using roon for three years
Rasp pi end points, ps audio dac, windows end points, denon av receiver

Use iPhone 6, modern iPad Pro , and pixel 4 for controllers, as well as the desktop
Maybe I’m lucky, but all seems to work fine;


Hi @Fernando_Pereira
+1 using unifi controller, USG 3G, unifi 150W switch and AC access points (lite and LR), however I find several issues with Roon and my setup, too. Before Unifi, I had a basic consumer grade router, Asus RT-66AC and the aforementioned APs from Ubiquiti and also had networking issues, different to the ones I have now. Back at the time it was the core was “initializing”, but now the issue is Tidal not working after a few minutes of restarting the core, that it also appears to be the moment the database is updating. I went the DNS troubleshooting route but ruled it out after tracing my network packages with wireshark. Maybe it is a broadcast/multicast storm my config is not managing right?
As you have the same networking set up as I do, I was wondering if you could share your configuration with me to benchmark.

AmpliFi HD is in bridge mode with the EdgeRouter. The EdgeRouter is connected to two separate ISPs for redundancy (I work from home a lot).

Thanks, this is great but I was referring to tweaks of the switch like enabling IGMP Snooping or firewall rules, ports forwarding, etc. I am making this up, but just as an idea of the insights I could use from your experience in optimizing unifi for roon.
By the way, your name sounds latin, so if it is better for you in Spanish it’s even better for me too (I am from Argentina)
Thank you!