Roon remotes lose connection to Core

No problems on my iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and iPad Mini 4.

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is there an official list of stuff it doesn’t like?
my point is, and I am sorry if I repeat myself, all other apps on my phone are behaving like they’re supposed to in the same wifi environment.
moreover, roon wifi music streaming is behaving as expected. if the app connectivity cannot be maintained over a network that supports streaming then I have a hard time believing this is a network problem.
regarding your repetead referals to support, thank you but I expect that roon folks are following forum threads and will address this issue. I did involve support when it was necessary, this time I would like to get a more general understanding on Roon’s position about this issue. I want to hear that Roon says that these lost connection issues are 100% caused by issues in local wifi not in their app.

I fully accept that for some users there are never any problems. I also know that I am not the only one that has these problems.
I think the fair thing for Roon to do would be to formulate it like this: the remote will work fine in network configuration XYZ. If you have another network then you may encounter issues. Since we don’t have that we cannot exclude a roon issue.

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Support only actively monitor the support threads. If you want a statement then post there or in feature request asking for a more stable client etc.

I moved the thread to support

:slight_smile: so you know next will be

In order for Roon’s @support team to better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so they can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

thank you but I’m not doing that until Roon support states they are 100% confident that all such interruptions are caused 100% by local wifi issues.I really am not interested in doing this everytime the remote drops. I want to understand if the app is good or not. If the app is good I need a clear network specification that I can implement. If I have to troubleshoot this system everytime I play music that is too much


The closest you’ll get to that at the moment is this KB article on Networking Best Practice.

Chicken and egg they won’t be able to do that without knowing what your environmental is…

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you mean they can’t be 100% sure their app is good without knowing my environment?

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I see that one point I am making is being ignored. My music streams fine on wifi. @ged_hickman1 since you work in IT - Am I wrong in assuming that streaming is more demanding of the network than the remote?

No one can be 100 percent their app is good in all environments, that’s computers for you. You can be confident it will work under given circumstances.
I work in it and you release code that is good enough, no one can test everything even if they had access to everything. You’d need infinite time and money.

Aviation is one of the most closed loop regulated and tested environments, short code segments, known interfaces. Look at 737 max.

indeed. but I have the most banal network, one router and that’s it. I would hope that maintaining a consistent connection between two wifi devices should be somewhat less complex than operating an airplane


That’s the context of my response.

but it’s not the context of my question :wink:

Dan, is the machine running the Roon core using a wired or wireless connection to the router? If that was stated in the this post I missed it. It has been mentioned on this site that Roon does a lot of Network activity, if it is receiving and sending data all on wireless network the bandwidth could be used up and that would cause the issues you described.

If the core machine is wireless that would be the first thing to change. I had a robust Network in my home before I found Roon and have not had any issues. I use a variety of remote devices, including an IPAD and my android phone out in my shop 40 feet from the house and they work fine.

@Jim_F put this info in another post: Roon is moving significant amounts of data from your router to your core, back to your router, then to your end-points as well as to and from your control device(s) (visuals mostly).

That is a lot of traffic for all wireless network and that is why it is recommended the core machine needs a wired connection. If you already have that then I don’t know what it could be.

No crashes with either my iPad which I use 98% of the time for my main system nor with my iPhone which I use when I run the whole house system. My set-up is rock solid.

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You only have to do this in your ipad (/iphone), you do not need to reconfigure your wifi network itself

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Do you have Hifiberryos running?
I keep it open all the time on my ipad and iphone. You can have it on the startscreen and run it as a side by side app. This way you can open it by swiping from the edge and see what’s playing and change tracks…all that without having to open roon…and it stays connected :crazy_face:

yeah that could be a solution, thank you. I’m doing that sometimes, but most of the times I simply run a roon display in a chrome tab. since I have hifiberry I change tracks and control volume using the hifiberry remote; I prefer a physical remote rather than stabbing at a screen with my finger…

today, I don’t even know why, I left the roon remote running on my ipad instead of a chrome tab with the roon display, and I was just so annoyed by its instability… hence this thread.
So, while there are ways to work around it, it doesn’t change the fact that the roon remote needs drastic improvements…

However, I think your suggestion adds towards proving my point. If the hifiberryos is stable, why can’t roon remote be stable, doing exactly the same thing, under the exact same environment? (I know, not exactly the same, but for this intended use the end result is the same - provide a useful interface for controlling the music)
Hint - maybe there’s something wrong with the Roon remote?