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I rip a cd with iTunes to my NAS and name it “Uncut 2303 Sounds Of The New West Vol. 6”. When it appears in Roon it has the name “Sounds Of The New West Vol. 6”, which is very disturbing because I might want to search for my Uncut albums and mostly I don’t know their names so I want to scroll through them, but Roon won’t find any Uncut albums because that part of the name is deleted! And I’ve got some hundred such albums so it’s a chore finding them!
Please don’t change the name of albums!!!

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?

Is the album identified in Roon?

Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?

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One of the main selling points of Roon is the ‘automatic’ identification of Albums, using external metadata resources.
This takes the burden of editing metadata oneself away from the Roon customer.

However, not all records are identifiable, or identified with other metadata (different releases, incomplete information, …)
Also, some users, like myself do verify/edit metadata of Albums and tracks themselves, and prefer to use their own metadata.

Therefore Roon has foreseen 2 ways to enable the user to do so:

  1. One can configure Roon import, which metadata to use:

    Please note : these settings are valid for importing albums/tracks, and are vaild for ALL further imports (except when reset by the user).

  2. For specific albums, after import, one can use the Edit Album function

All this information (and much more) can be found in Roon’s Knowledge Base:


I haven’t used iTunes to rip CDs in many years but I seem to recall that iTunes does not add metadata to files in the usual way.
So when one is using these files in another app, such as Roon, metadata might not be visible.
I suspect that is what’s happened here: Your metadata is not accurate therefore Roon is doing its best to match your albums.
Note that Roon does not make changes to your metadata, even after editing within Roon, so your files have not been changed or altered.

From now on you might want to use different software to rip your CDs. XLD is a free, great choice for Mac users but there are other options.

You can then configure Roon following @Dirk_De_Taey ’s excellent explanation to make use of the metadata in your files.

For your current (and future) rips you can use a metadata editor to confirm or change the metadata and be sure it is to your liking.
Meta is by far the best tagging app I’ve used on Mac however it is not free.

Many free options exist such as

Picard has the advantage of using the same database that Roon uses to match albums.

Thanks for answering! I tried to change the import settings to prefer file metadata.
It seems to have worked in that Roon now presents the name I want for my Uncut records (I haven’t checked any other).
However, there is still a problem: I have some 140 such records and when I made a search Roon would find only 50 of them, or at least present only 50 of them (among with a handful of other albums with the word “uncut” in them). How come?
Staffan Fritz

You’re fighting against Roons basic principles by editing album names. Roon uses specific metadata sources to match albums to you have so you get the rich metadata Roon was built to provide. If it doesn’t match to how these are registered in musicbrainz or TiVo Roon will not be able to identify it correctly and provide any additional metadata. In some cases it’s likely that not all of these albums are in Roons metadata sources so some may well never be identified. But they still should show up.

It’s best to leave titles as they are and add additional Roon tags to them to say they are Uncut albums or Whatever you want. Roon has an opinionated view on how it organises and curates and you don’t get the best from it by fighting it. If you want personally curated naming and only you’re metadata it’s likely not the app for you.

In Albums view, try using Filter instead of Search to narrow your selection.

Hi Dirk,
Thanks for the tip! It worked! I should have RTFM, shouldn’t I?
Kind regards
Staffan Fritz

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