Roon repeatedly--and intermittently--failing to connect to Squeezebox Touch

Since I purchased Roon months ago, it has only worked for me in my set-up intermittently. That set-up includes a Mac-Mini, a Squeezebox Touch, A Squeezebox “Classic,” a Macbook Pro, a iPad Retina and it occasional Android phone. The Classic and Touch are connected to separate systems in the house. The main music library is stored on the MacMini, which is where the main Roon software is also stored. The system is connected to WiFI via an Apple Airport Extreme of recent vintage. I mainly listen to the system to which the Touch is connected. As i say, I can only use the Touch via Roon intermittently. Sometimes for consecutive days it will work. Sometimes it works every other day. Sometimes it won’t work for weeks at a time. Sometimes the Classic will work through the second system. Sometimes it won’t. I’m not terribly hopeful about solving this problem since Roon’s response has thus far been weak. Is there some streamer that Roon is meant to control (that is, with which it will work reliably 24/7).

Well, you can certainly spend some money on a Sonic Orbiter, or MicroRendu, or even build a raspberry Pi to act as a RoonBridge endpoint; BUT, if the problem resides in your network setup then you would have just spent a lot of money and still be at the same point.

Roon, for me, has never dropped any of my squeezeboxes, of which there are 3; so I"d say it runs it extremely stable. But, I let my server run 24/7. Last time you had an issue (on March 24) you were putting your hard drives to sleep, while I think you reversed that change, are you letting your Mac go into hibernation? If so, try turning sleep mode off and run it 24/7 and see if that keeps the squeezeboxes online consistently Another test would be to eliminate the AAE and go wired between the Roon Core and the Squeezebox and see if that remedies the issue.

The hard drive never sleeps anymore. The Mac Mini is set to never go into hibernation. The monitor is set to go to sleep after an hour. My laptop and iPad are set to go to sleep but I wouldn’t see why that would make any difference. If I were to go hard wired, would I run the ethernet cable directly from the Mini to the Touch or directly from the Mini to the Airport extreme and then from the airport extreme to the Touch?

This. That way you are eliminating wireless communication as a possible cause. Although not the Airport Extreme.

It certainly isn’t the monitor going to sleep, nor do I think that your laptop or iPad (which are both remotes) going to sleep should affect the Core and its communication with a Squeezebox.

Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I’m having a similar issue with Roon intermittently failing to recognize my SBT, even though it’s connected via ethernet. Did anyone find a solution in the end? Cheers, Steve

Hi Steven,

What is your network setup, computer (what type, OS, etc etc) connected to what type of switches/router and finally the SBT. By Intermittent, you mean that sometimes it sees the SBT and sometimes not?

And is LMS running on the same network?

FWIW, mine continues to do this often and on. I try any number of things to get it going again (restarting computer, restarting airport extreme, restarting squeezeboxes, reinstalling Slim Server). Sometimes those things work but more often they don’t. They I come back a day later and everything is fine. So I don’t have any good advice to give for troubleshooting.

Hi Rugby, Pc running windows 8 (in the process of upgrading to 10) ethernet to Netcomm router/modem, then ethernet to SBT. LMS is installed on the same PC, and that’s also where my music is stored on the HDD. And yes, sometimes it sees the touch, and sometimes not. Weird, huh?
Cheers, Steve :slight_smile:

Simplest way of ensuring consistent connectivity is stopping LMS from running. What is likely happening is the player attaches to LMS and then it’s no longer available to connect to Roon.

Exactly, LMS can’t be running on the same PC/IP address. I think someone pointed out that you could run LMS simultaneously if it was on a different pc and ip than the machine running Roon.