Roon repeats the same track over and over

Roon repeats the same track over and over; will not advance to next track on album (though I can advance to next track manually).

I use Nucleus rev. B as a source. Recently upgraded the firmware, and it worked OK. Use iPad iPhone, and MacPro as remotes. Downloaded their software upgrade as directed a few days ago. Track began repeating 2 days ago.

Turned off whole system overnight and restarted this AM; no improvement. Downloaded latest software update this AM, no improvement.

System: Nucleus Rev B, internal and external storage (same result with both, and with Qobuz), Matrix SPDIF, PSAudio Directstream DAC, Feliks Euforia, Meze Elite.

I can find no place in Roon remote settings where playing only one track might be chosen. I’ve deleted all Queues.


Kirk T.

Do you have the Loop setting turned on? On your Mac Remote, select the Queue option when a track is playing:

At the top right there are two icons, next to “Clear Upcoming”, the first for “Toggle Loop” (track or selection repeat) and the second for Toggle Shuffle. Is Toggle Loop active for you?