Roon replaces local LIVE versions of tunes on my playlists with streamed STUDIO versions

I have several playlists created that include local versions of tunes from live albums. But Roon frequently replaces those with studio versions from Qobuz. It also happens, tho less frequently, with versions replacements of classical music. In most cases I do not have the replacement version in my local library at all. I figure it’s a setting somewhere, but it eludes me. Anyone have an insight on a fix for this? I’ve seen questions that seem related but not this specific issue. TIA.

Hello @dcw96161,

Great question! You should be able to select a primary version for every album that you have more than one version of (or, if a local and a streaming version is available). To do so, on the Album page, click on Versions and then on Make Primary next to the version you prefer.


Thank you. Do I have to do this with every singe track and every single live album I have? I have a couple of playlists with >250 tracks, TONS of live versions of tracks. Tons of live albums. Isn’t there a way to just have everything in the library default to local versions?

:pensive: I’m afraid not.

The version displayed by default is based on a number of factors. At this time there is no way to set a default preference for the displayed albums.

However, you might find the Focus feature useful. On any of your library views (artist, album, genre) you can focus on the type of performance: for example, live.

I wish I had a different answer :slightly_smiling_face:

If you do not specifically attibute Primary Version of an album, Roon will out of the availble albums (local, Qobuz, Tidal) select the album with the highest bandwidth/bitdepth.

Unfortunately, your issue is even bigger, as you have already created your playlists.
Even if you would now attribute the Primary Version to your local files yourself, thta change will not automatically be reflected in your existing playlists.

However, you are saying that Roon replaces tracks in your playlist. This is, for me at least, very bizar as AFAIK playlists are final. As an exemple, if you have a Qobuz track in specific format, e.g. 96kHz/24bit, that becomes unavailble, that track will not play even if exactly the same track in 44,1kHz/16Bit is still availlable in Qobuz.


No worries. Thanks for your responses. I guess I don’t understand why, if the track on the playlist isn’t even the same length (or bit depth), Roon would replace it with another song from another album with a different length and bit depth just because the name is the same.

E.g., If the playlist includes “Song ABC” by “ArtistName” on album “ArtistLiveAlbum” that is 8:45 minutes long and on LocalLibrary, why does Roon think that “SongABC” by “ArtistName” on “ArtistStudioAlbum” that is 4:30 minutes long and is on Quobuz is the same thing? And, as Dirk suggests, they probably don’t even have the same bit depth, which is just one more difference that is being ignored.

That makes no sense to me.

Thanks Dirk. Our posts crossed.