Roon reporting bogus MQA

Hi @support Roons reporting an album as bogus MQA. It’s definitely not MQA and not 25600k.

This is probably due to the meta tagging on the album. Did you see Roon actually detect MQA authencation in the signal path during playback?

Nope it’s not MQA at all. The on!y other version is from Qobuz

It is meta tagging issue and Tidal needs to resolve this…

Hello @CrystalGipsy,

Thanks for the report here. Just to confirm, you are using a UK TIDAL account and are seeing this behavior?

Here in the US it does not show up as an MQA album:


Yep in the UK and UK Tidal account

Thanks for confirming @CrystalGipsy, this info has been added to the ticket.

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