Roon Reporting Corrupt Files on One Machine

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I am now experiencing the same problem with perfectly playable files that play with roon on i5, but do not play with the other laptop i7, and roon reports these as "corrupt files " on the i7 and the program crashes. I have moved these files from NAS to the laptop,

Any ideas why the same file appears corrupt on one machine and not the other.

Rather than tack your question on to an old thread, can you ask it as a new question in the Support category of the forum? That way you will be flagging the Support team.

It would also be helpful to provide some more information such as:

  • what format are these files?
  • what operating systems are on the i5 and the i7 machines?
  • Where is your Roon Core running, or are you using more than one?



The two devices support the different music formats differently. In which formats are these music files available here and has everything been retrofitted for them?

The files are all FLAC.
The operating systems on both i5 and i7 machines is Win 10. They are identical updated latest windows.
The Roon Core version 1.8 is running on the machine as an all in one.

That is surprising. Flac brings Roon with him. A problem was once reported here:

Were the files only moved or copied?

I’ve moved this thread into a new Support topic. It will now be seen by the Support team and one of them will respond in due course.

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This seems to imply that you have in fact got two Cores - one on each machine. Can you please confirm if this is the case.

Separate installations yes- activated one at a time.

My problem is now more acute, roon keeps crashing with anything added to storage files/folders- be in on network NAS or on SSD on the machine.

Roon works just fine with Tidal, the problem is occurring as soon as anything is added to the Storage folder/s.

Are you sharing the storage folders between the two roon cores. Or does each roon core have its own storage folders? I have a feeling sharing folders between two roon cores will cause problems. It isn’t something I have personally tried but whenever I have tried to share media folders between two different players (roon and non-roon) I have had problems.

Hello @Mrinal_Vohra,

Thanks for choosing to let us know the details of the situation you’re experiencing. We appreciate you engaging with our community and answering every question asked :pray:

Could you please share a screenshot of the Skipped Files view?

Also, if you can perform this test, could you please use dbpoweramp or a similar software to convert the flac files into flac files. When you add these resulting files in Roon, does it work?

Thanks :pray:

Unfortunately I cleaned up the skipped files. and also removed the files. Now the media is all read ok, and there are no skips. Yet Roon keeps crashing.

Hey @Mrinal_Vohra,

I appreciate you taking all those steps to improve Roon’s performance. Thanks for keeping us posted so shortly after.

Please, accept my apologies for not getting back to you until today. I wonder, is Roon still crashing?

I just responded to Noris. I will have to try again, I have stopped using roon as it was crashing with no resolution. Unless there is a new software or some other change, fundamentally I could not make it to work. I will try again this weekend and revert with new findings.

@beka yes, the problem continues,

working stable now.

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Late to the party and just to offer my experience on this one OT aspect:
I’ve been running Roon core and LMS in parallel on a Win10 PC with the music files on a USB SSD for two years without a single glitch.

Hey @Mrinal_Vohra,

Thank you so much for keeping us updated every step of the way: it’s a great ending, now that Roon is stable :blush:

Thank you for everything you did to get things up and running.

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