Roon reporting FLAC files as corrupt, but not being super clear as to why

Roon Core Machine

ROCK running on a NUC10i7FNH with 64GB of RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ubiquiti switches of various flavors, and Ruckus R710s for wifi

Connected Audio Devices

DietPi on an ODROID C2

Library Size

74,362 tracks

Description of Issue

I have some FLAC files that Roon is refusing to import, because it’s saying that they’re corrupt. However, I can decode/re-encode them with the FLAC CLI tool (version 1.3.3) without any issues. I’m not seeing anything terribly illuminating in the logs, either. It just has things like:

07/19 19:51:16 Warn: [storage] [directory] Failed to extract audio format from ‘/roon/sys/storage/mounts/Path/To/My/Music/YCJY_Games/Sea_Salt_OST_-_Deluxe_Edition/02-Our_Lord_of_the_Depths_FWV_86.flac’: CorruptFile

Is there anything more specific I can do to try to track down what the issue is with my files?

Hi @Chris_Gelatt,
I can’t help in tracking down the root cause, however, when I had this on a handful or two of tracks I used dBpowerAmp to transconvert them from FLAC to FLAC. After that Roon was happy with the files.

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On Linux, please do a:
flac -t filename.flac