Roon reports 22000 files when there should be less than 10000

Thanks Chris for your prompt reply. I have another issue with the Music files on Roon. I have several thousand wav files (songs) stored in my music folder on my iMac and Several thousand mp3 songs stored on iTunes on my iMac. Roon has picked them both up and they appear in the “tracks”. section of Roon (all are non tagged) The problem is it looks like the roon has picked them up more than once because it is stated that there are 22,000 files when there should be less than 10000
How can I erase all of the tracks and start all over

Don’t erase anything via Roon unless you have a back up. Are your files flagged as Duplicate?
You can enable and disable folders, have you tried this?

Do you have Tidal? If so, did you add some of their collections? These tracks will add to your total number.