Roon reports a DB failure, attempting to restore a backup also fails

Thanks for the clarification, @Joel_Artzt. We’ll follow up as soon as we hear back from the technical team.

@beka, is there an ETA for response? My server’s been down since Sunday. I uploaded my logs 3 days ago. I’m still hopeful there’s something relatively simple that can get my server back up without losing my data (given I have multiple successfully completed backups). Look forward to hearing from the Roon team,

Hey @Joel_Artzt,

Thanks so much for following up. We’ve taken a first look at your logs and we believe this case needs a closer investigation, so we created a ticket for our QA & dev teams.

I wish I had an exact timeline, but they are getting together to discuss your case and as soon as I hear back, I’ll make sure to post here :nerd_face:

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Replying as it’s been 6 days – was there any insight gained from the examination of the logs?

Is there ever going to be a follow-up? My logs were submitted nearly 3 weeks ago. I was hopeful that you’d find a path to recovering my data from the numerous backups that had been successfully executed.

Hey @Joel_Artzt,

Thank you for not giving up on us and for following up — a response is indeed overdue :pensive: . While it is by no means an excuse, it is a reason that you might want to know: your case has been looked at by a few of our teams to be confident on a next step.

Based on the information we have so far, our developers think that this is a file structure issue. We’d really like to see if your backup is recoverable.

Could you please zip up your entire Roonbackups folder and upload it here?

We’re grateful for your collaboration and patience :angel: :pray:

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