Roon reports ALAC lossless as corrupt

I just ripped an CD using Windows Media Player to ALAC Lossless. Media Player plays the Lossless tracks no problem. VideoStream plays the Lossless tracks no problem. Roon reports all tracks as corrupt. Please asdvise.

Have you re analysed the album?

If you’re serious about getting quality rips you might want to consider using EAC or dbPoweramp to do the ripping and encoding.

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I’ve just installed dbpoweramp release 16.6 Will update with results. Thanks

Off you’ve no specific reason to encode to alac is consider using FLAC instead - it has a built in audio stream md5sum so you can test integrity.

Hi @Sam_Paules,

Definitely let us know how this goes. If things still aren’t importing after trying this we will take a closer look.


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