Roon Reports "Roon lost control of the Audio Device." every minute of playback

Hello, my first issue report, so hoping I provide all the details here. Love Ropieee, and am hoping I can get it working again.

I’m using Roon to RopieeeXL running on a RaspberryPi 4. The Pi is hardwired through ethernet to a switch on the same subnet as the Roon Core.

I find that since the 2022.08 release, playback will stop every minute or so. Prior to this I never had an issue, so this is new for 2022.08.

if I start playback, after ~ 1 minute, music will stop, and then ten seconds later, Roon reports “Roon lost control of the Audio Device”. I can restart, and get another minute or so before the same problem occurs.


  • Sent in a Feedback Log: cea10679-e1cba172
  • RPi4 B 1.5, running RopieeXL (RoPieeeXL 2022.08.1 (0524)). This was not a problem prior to 2022.08.
  • Wired to ethernet, WiFi not enabled
  • Streaming from Qobuz through Roon.
  • I noticed that in one album, with different versions, if I stream at 44-16, it will play fine, if I change the version to 96-24, then I get this problem where it drops every minute of playback
  • Tracks plays fine through Qobuz using their player.
  • I have burned a new image and reconfigured RopieeXL and started from scratch. Same exact issue.
  • Tried many many permutations of enabling and disabling other services (such as Spotify Connect), not change.
  • No other Hats connected just an RPI4 with a RPi display.
  • Even tried a spare RPi3 (originally had this issue on the RPi3 and swapped out for a RPi4, thinking that might help).
  • RopieeeXL is outputting to a WooAudio DAC through USB.
  • Both Core and Ropieee are on the same switch. Core is a Roon Rock v1.8 build 1105.

Appreciate any help.

Have you tried disabling all XL services?
And can you send me feedback? (that option is available on the ‘advanced’ tab).


The only XL feature I had enabled was Spotify Connect. I turned it off and tried again, same issue.
Feedback: 386ab158c67122e1

I also have RopieeXL running on a RPi3, with a HiFiBerry Digi2 Pro Hat. I don’t use this system too often, so swapped that into this system. That Ropieee install is still running on 4.017. Playback was flawless and did not stop every minute.
Feedback for that setup: 1039de94fbc31dbd

Perhaps unrelated, but I’m noticing all streams maxing to 48khz on USB, regardless of content. Through the HiFiBerry HAT to Toslink, my dac reports the correct rate (as shown in Roon and Qobuz).

Thanks for looking into this

48k is the maximum what your DAC supports, at least what is reported over USB.

Furthermore I see some output errors which result in RAAT (Roon) stopping playback. I suggest you start looking into the USB cable.

Thank you for the assistance. I wanted to close the loop. The issue turned out to be the DAC. Swapping out for another of the same DAC resolved the issue, and I was able to get stable playback on the same build of RopieeeXL, and my USB streams supporting 192Khz. I had my Woo WDS1 dac repaired, and the repaired unit is working correctly as well. Seems it was the USB stage on that DAC that caused issues.