ROON reports too many failures when playing to the endpoint on my desktop computer

Roon Core Machine

ROCK running on NUC11TNHi7 with:
16GByte RAM (2x8GByte)
256GByte NVME SSD for OS/Application (Samsung 970 EVO plus)
1TB Sata SSD for music storage (Samsung 860 QVO)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Asus Router (RT-AX88)
With Wired connections to:
Desktop Computer (i9-10900k with 64GByte RAM, 2TB NVME ssd system drive, 18TB mechanical disk
Printer - Canon Pixma 620 (not normally turned on)
Printer - Kyocera ECOSYS P6021cdn (normally sleeping)
NAS - Synology DS1019+ (not involved in ROON setup)
DEVOLO Magic 2 Lan Home plug (for nominal 2400mbps ethernet over mains)
With Wifi connections to:
Laptop Computer (DELL Precision 9560 with:
8 core (16 thread) i7 processor
32GByte Ram
Phones (up to 4)
Tablets (up to 2)
Worcester Bosch Easy Control central heating controller

Tp-Link TL-SG108S 1GB 8 port switch with wired connections to:
DEVOLO Magic 2 Lan Home plug (for nominal 2400mbps ethernet over mains) - connection to router
Panasonic 4K TV
Panasonic DVD/PVR
Panasonic 4K Blu-ray player
ARCAM ST60 network streamer
ROCK (as described above)

The ROON core (ROCK is being deliberately kept as close (in topology terms) to the ARCAM ST60 as is possible in order to minimize network issues with the RAAT transport to the ST60 (main listening device).

However, it should be noted that:
1: streaming services will be carried over the Ethernet over Mains link which is not ideal but has to date caused no issues.
2: All the ROON Remotes connect to the router either wired or via WiFi and thus the ROON Remote links involve the Ethernet over Mains link - again not ideal but has not caused any issues.
3: The ROON Endpoints on the Desktop and all WiFi connected devices (including [normally] to the laptop) involve carrying RAAT over the Ethernet over Mains link.

It should also be noted that both the desktop and laptop computers are powerful machines used for, amongst other things, photo and video editing.

Connected Audio Devices

ARCAM ST60 (ROON ready) connected to ethernet employing RAAT for ROON streaming.
All phones and tablets conected via WiFi running Android ROON app.

Number of Tracks in Library

~4000 tracks (still growing fast)

Description of Issue

When I try using the system Audio endpoint on the desktop computer, I invariably get ‘Too many Failures’ and the queue is paused.

I have no such problems with any other endpoint, ST60, phones, tablets, or the laptop computer (connected over WiFi).

I have also tried connecting the the Laptop to the router using a wired connection and that works fine (using the system endpoint in the laptop). Finally, I tried swapping the ether net cables between the desktop and the laptop to see if the fault moved with the cable - it did not - the desktop continued to have problems and the laptop with the wired connection continues to work flawlessly.

Finally, I tried a different endpoint on the desktop computer. Instead of using the system endpoint, I tried the REALTEK ASIO endpoint. This worked fine - indicating to me that the issue is not a network issue.

For the most part, the use of the ASIO endpoint is a perfectly good solution. However, occasionally, I have a USB Soundbox connected. Whilst I have not tried it yet, I assume that I will also be able to get that to work using the appropriate dedicated endpoint - but it would be much more convenient if I could use the same ‘system’ endpoint for both use cases rather than having to switch endpoints according to the audio setup of the computer. As a consequence, I would like to know if there is anything that can be done to get the system endpoint on the desktop computer working as it does on the laptop.

Note: The ROON endpoint on the desktop computer is only used for casual background listening - all serious listening is done with the ST60 endpoint in a different (and much more comfortable) room.

Hello @Wade_Oram and welcome to the forum.

Does it play sound at all before failing).

Note: I’ve often seen cases where the default audio device in Windows reports itself as multi-channel device (5.1 or 7.1). If this is also your case, make sure to select the same channel layout in Roon. You may also want to check/play around with:


Should you have to select a multi-channel layout, there are even more options available you can check and play around with:

Network topolgy diagram.

The desktop computer (with the issue) has a 5.1 audio sound setup.

The channel setup of both the System and ASIO endpoints were set to 2.0 (good enough - I don’t have any requirement for spacial audio with music). I have tried setting tthem both to 5.1 and the ASIO endpoint continues to work and the system endpoint continues to report “too many failures”.

I get no sound whatsoever when “too many failures” is reported.

I am streaming FLAC (44.1kS/s 16 bit) from the ROCK local storage and currently use the standard Tidal service (not the Hi-Res service).

I’ve just tried the two WASAPI endpoints that are offered by my Desktop computer.

Both suggest that they are associated with the Realtek sound chip in the computer (correct).

On appears to play but I get no sound, the other gives the ‘too many failures’ error.

Neither one offers any “Enable Event Driven Mode (WASAPI only)” setting. (I have tried both the WASAPI drivers in both normal and ‘exclusive mode’.

Then you have to use the same channel layout in Roon, I would assume.
If you want to play to the System default output (Windows mixer) on purpose, there shouldn’t even be an option to enable “Exclusive mode” (for a good reason). You should also avoid to play to the output device that’s configured as default in Windows directly (in Roon) as it’s already “in-use” by the Windows mixer.

Did you enable …

There is usually no other way to make things work if the Windows system mixer, or the audio device itself, insist on a 5.1 channel layout. You can also have a look at the Roon logs, there you should be able to see a reason why playback fails.

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It appears that there was some corrupted setting associated with the Windows Audio device Driver.

Defaulting the sample rate settings and then setting them back to the 24bit 192kS/s settings that I have been using fixed the problem.

I can now successfully use any of the System, ASIO and WASAPI endpoints available on the desktop computer.

With regard to the WASAPI endpoints, I still have two and neither reports any issues in ROON but one still does not produce any sound. The other one, that used to report the failures, now works faultlessly. I presume that the WASAPI endpoint that does not produce any sound is associated with the Digital Audio outputs that are available but unused.

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These settings are now working:

System Endpoint:

WASAPI endpoint:

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