Roon rescanning madness 1.3

@support I have upgraded to Roon 1.3 on a skull canyon i7 NUC running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

Currently Roon has rescanned almost a million files of over a million files:

It’s still counting upwards. I know I’ve got a big library, but it’s not that big.

1.200.000 files? Wow!
That’s is roughly 100.000 albums :open_mouth:

How many years did that took you?

How big is your library in tracks ? Can you take a screenshot of your Storage tab ?

None. It’s taken Roon about 4 hours though.

Can you open Settings > Go to Library tab > Press on ‘Clean up Library’ button > Take a screenshot of the appeared pop-up


We need logs, I PM’ed you.


Logs uploaded. Thank you.