Roon reserved IP with NAS

I’ve had roon core on many machines
never had an issues until recently
my current machine is a I9 intel cpu with 64 g ram
the data in in a SS drive as recommended
this worked fine for a while.
I’ve made no changes and boom the Music keeps stopping and starting
I read pages of detailed instructions how to and what is best practice
of the many things I tired to cure my issues
One was I s own router set to dynamic and only the nas was used for 1 lan port
It is also WiFi it’s how I connect to control roon

nothing helped until I made one simple change
I reserved the ip address
this one thing fixed the issue
For anyone setting up roon core on a synology nas it’s a must do at set up.
in my nyc home I use 2 ips one for input to internet
As this nas also serves to others outside of my home
The second ip is set to my audio router where it is reserved
but both are not set to dhcp both are static
static can cause issues if other devices are dhcp
in any case please do reserve important IP addresses on routers if the router is dhcp enabled