ROON Resolutions for 2016 - A Wishlist

I resolve to go lifetime when trial ends in 2016.

Roon resolutions I want to see. A sticky menu pane. And some sort of internet radio.

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I resolve not to fix my system when it’s not broken.

One of the suggestions for internet radio was to enable user selected streams. I’m more interested in what other Roonies are listening to and recommend than in 4,000 stations I’ll never listen to.

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What I really want for radio is the ability to add my XM radio account. I have 6 awesome stations there. That’s all I need.

Would love to see:
Radio Paradise integration (320 kb stream)
Radio option leverage tidal as well as my library - maybe this is there just need to research?
Pandora - ok yeah I know there is Radio, but, Pandora matching to song characteristics is very very good…maybe Roon could license that and use with Tidal lol.

Happy New Year to all, enjoying my trial likely to license : - )

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5.1 audio support please :grinning:


Multi-channel and even better integration with HQPlayer are high on the list.
However, the most needed is better library management and recognition, especially for classical music, which is the raison d’être of Roon.

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well I’d love an automatically pop up menubar when you position the cursor near the left edge of the screen… Or slide in on ipad.
Then that button on the top could be used to keep the menubar visable :smile:

+1 for internet radio support

Became lifetime member today. At least one resolution I didn’t break.

An iPhone controller app. Roon Speakers. Headless linux NAS build.

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SACD ISO support,


Besides Roon lifetime i also use Plex and what i really really miss in Roon is (and what plex provides)

  • QPG package to run roon server on my ts451 (intel cpu) NAS. I also have synology nas but prefer a qpg package!
    As plex can also do this and is blazing fast and also for all my HD movies its no excuse to say that the NAS cpu could be bottleneck.
  • video integration e.g. Selecting Artist and then showing the songs/albums of this as link in: VEVO and maybe other services.
    E.g qello or Vimeo.
  • lyrics integration (which plex in latest release added as well)!
    Something which both dont have yet but very high in whishlist is also:
  • Spotify integration. Seeing your spotify playlists, erc. Same as now with Tidall.
    Think further that the UI can be further optimized in Roon. Further:
  • cloud sync.
  • AppleTV4 app.

The speed of the application is still behind if i compare this to plex. The performance of the software and technology in install on my local installed PC suggest not all the latest/newest technologies have been used Yet in Roon lab and so guess thats why it is not a true lightweight architectured appl. It is promising however but needs to solve this to stay in the game i’m gor sure.


Radio alarm clock.


ANOTHER one of these threads! OK, currently the most essential software features required are:

  1. Full metadata editing capabilities
  2. Expanded album art handling - ability to include and browse rear covers, liner notes and pictures of the physical media, including in PDF and JPG formats
  3. Better organisation of albums on an artist’s page; ability to denote items as album, compilation, single, EP, anthology, live album, bootleg, etc and group accordingly
  4. Better handling of box sets, collections and series’s - ability to group items together to appear as one item in the artist’s page, which when clicked on expands to show all the sub-items
  5. The ability to add disc names, not just disc numbers
  6. The ability to group tracks on an album into named sections (often albums are organised this way)
  7. Improve the waveform seekbar - a bit bigger and better resolution

I could go on, but those are the most important ones :smiley:


+1 for a fully integrated Radio feature, plus, as the core’s supposed to be “on” all the time, an Alarm clock…

It would be great if alarm functionality would be integrated along with Internet radio capability so that certain end points can be set to automatically start playing at a preset time.


Mobile! Things at home are fine, but I’m not home enough.

My wishlist are…

  1. Better support for internet radio in the form of search engine built-in? Like Shoutcast, VTuner etc.
  2. Another lossless streaming services, like Deezer Elite, Qobuz?
  3. DSP functions like PCM to DSD on the fly and different type of digital filters, i.e, slow, fast etc
  4. MQA software decoding with its own built-in room correction
  5. Roon own developed USB-DAC driver instead of using third party drivers like ASIO.
  6. Develop a Roon native playback app for iOS and Andriod devices… I willing to pay!

Hahaha! holidays are around the corner, so I reserve all these for 2017!

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Next feature update of Windows 10 should take care of this one. Native USB 2 audio driver support similar to OSX and Linux.