Roon restore is missing 99% of favourites

Ubuntu Mate 19x
1.7 Build 521

I had to do a Roon restore yesterday and upon successfully completing this process, all my favourites have disappeared (99% of all albums, tracks etc). This is very disappointing, especially as I schedule regular backups.

Is this a known issue?

Thanks in advance.

Did you check the date of your last successful backup before doing the restore? Maybe you restored an earlier backup or the restored database can’t see your media files.

It’s be helpful is you shared more information about your setup.


No system configuration on Ubuntu has changed nor has the CIFS path(s).

I’m now re-trying the restore process to see if the results are predictable.

Are these missing favorites from your local library or a streaming service?


I’ve tried the same restore point twice & consistent results (still no favourites). I’m going to go back further now and see if this is an issue with the latest build backup point.

No difference using multiple (different) backups. Favourites still missing.

511 (13th) and 521 (27th) backups have tried. No difference.

Also when the restore is complete, approx. 5900 albums which is what I would expect , so it’s not like the underlining albums/tracks no longer exist.

OK so foolish me. I’ve found the problem. When I did a restore, it seems to default to a different user profile. I noticed this when using multiple Roon clients. :scream:

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