Roon restore with 2k+ Tidal albums looks OK then empties out :-(

I hope @support or someone can help.

[This all about Tidal albums and not locally stored albums]

Not sure if this is expected behaviour but it’s a bit frustrating, to say the least, with much effort put into setting up the library so hopefully there’s a solution.

So here’s what’s happening. a few weeks ago I made a Roon backup with over 2k albums (17K tracks) and this evening I tried to restore this backup as I’d changed my mind on the way I wanted to set up the library. What happened next was fun! Initially, the restore looked like it went fine, overview showed the right numbers and albums looked happy.


It looks like the app synced with Tidal (same account as the back-up but which had since been emptied and had no favourites) and Roon busily deleted ALL of the albums from the it’s library, one by one. Presumably, this means that Tidal is the master so Roon syncs over Tidal to Roon not Roon back-up to Tidal…

As I type this I can see why this is the case, but how is this a usable backup strategy? In my case, it was a change of heart and structure with only a few weeks between them and I can, I suppose, rebuild manually but if in the future, and imagining a longer period, I’m sure people would expect the Roon back-up to populate Tidal (or at least have an option to set the sync direction).

Before I start re-building, is there a way to get my old (Tidal only) Roon library back, or will the empty Tidal account always win?

If not at least this is out there as a heads-up to others.


Support info (if it’s applicable):

  • Roon Server running on a 2011 Mac Book Pro
  • Roon version 1.4 (build 298)
  • Backup built using Roon version 1.4 (build 294)

I think you will likely find that tidal is the master as Roon is merely giving you access to what you have tagged in your tidal account. Sadly tidal probably doesn’t have any kind of recovery option…at least none that I have seen.

@support tagging the Roon guys to see if they can shed more light on this…but I’m thinking this is a good heads up for others … if not at least the basis for a KB entry.

Thanks, Wiz, I think you’re right but as Roon has a list of albums it could re-favourite them in Tidal.

Admittedly I can see how this shouldn’t be default approach but a switch to say “and also restore my favs” would be a useful option to have.

Also tagged support, thanks for the nudge on that.

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Hey @Andy_Merrill – sorry for the confusion here.

TIDAL basically works like any other storage in Roon – we scan on a regular basis and show you whatever is currently available. If you remove content from your hard drive or TIDAL library it’s not going to show in Roon, whether you removed it externally or deleted it through Roon.

Also, our backup feature covers what you’ve created in Roon: playlists, play history, configuration details, edits, favorites, etc. It doesn’t cover media whether it’s on your hard drive or your TIDAL account.

Hope that helps!


Thanks Mike, makes sense.

As the Tidal linkage is not an actual file but a database entry it doesn’t need to be treated the same way and could be seen as something that could easily be re-populated by looping through the restored library and re-favoriting stuff, no?

Still I’ve started manually again, lesson learnt :slight_smile:

Fall back plan, at least I found had an excel file of the library to work from and a useful tip for all.