Roon Review Report in Hong Kong

Hi All,
thx for extend the Roon Server Licence for me to have a review on this powerful product.
I asked for help with Roon Server in September 2017.
Here is the update. In our HIFI Forum I wrote a review for Roon,
but this review is very long, so i have separated it into 3 topics.

This is my first topic roon (introduction and installation method). Sorry to all that this review was written in Chinese, please feel free to read the review and give me a support.

I will have 2 more topics for posting afterwards, they are roon (use and setting method) and roon (test and listening report).

Here is the link for roon (introduction and installation method).

If it doesn’t work, please use the link below

Daniel Chow (1o1o)
Hong Kong Hiendy Group


I got an error message about the thread was deleted or was under review.

seem like pointing error
please try this link @wklie

Works now and thanks. I have the impression that there aren’t too many Roon users in Hong Kong (yet). Hopefully your article will increase the user base here.

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yes, many member ask me for this software, over 2000 click on review(only 3 days), also many PM me ask for price and license method.

Hong Kong Lifetime member for 2 years here


Been using it for a few months combined with Tidal, having wonderful results.

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I am a new and very happy lifetime member in Hong Kong!

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