Roon Rock 2.0 - where to download

the ROCK installation guide points to a img that was modified on Aug 2020, i don’t think this is the 2.0

pls point me to where i can download the img to update it on my ROCK with version 1

in the forum, it appears that 2.0 is RockOS 2.0, not Rock Server SW. just curious… is there a WebUI image for 2.0 ?

Roon OS 2.0 may eventually become available after it has been released (which is currently not the case).

@L_T1 - I’ve already told you the answer in your other thread…


As above.

Just download the 1.7 file and you’ll be prompted on your remote app to update to 2.0. It’ll take less than 5 mins.

thanks this is useful - just installed rock 1.0 build 227. i see how to update is via the web ui as needed, but how can you keep a track of when a new version of rock is released? also I think my m.2 drive is a little overspecced at 4tb ! I thought i could put music on there as well as the os and db. ah well will install a separate 4tb 2.5 ssd tomorrow. the rock guide is very well set out, thanks to all concerned

AFAIK, production releases of Roon OS are usually automatically updated on Nucleus and NUC/ROCK devices. Having said that, I think the latest production release is build 254, so you might want to manually reinstall Roon OS via the Web Administration Interface page to update to the latest release.

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In addition to what @Geoff_Coupe wrote above, you can go to the software release area on the forum and set it to “watching”, then you get a forum notification (or email, depending on your forum settings) whenever a new version of anything is announced.

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thank you both much appreciated

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