Roon Rock and other options

My kid has taken over the PC ROON Core is parked.

What other options are there with “dedicated” Core options besides ROON Rock?

Can ROON Rock accommodate an optical drive for which to rip CD’s and/or DVD’s?


Windows, Mac and Linux if you don’t want ROCK, if you want a CD to rip music then Windows or Mac may be best as ROCK doesn’t support a cd/dvd drive, I use a NUC running ROCK for the core and when I need to rip disks I use a Mac with a usb cd drive.

Got it. No problem. I was thinking about doi9ng everything at this location but I can rip elsewhere on a nudder compooder.

What other “optimized” and “dedicated” options are there?


Outside of Windows and Mac or Linux there really only is ROCK on a NUC though you could run windows/linux a NUC too - but for a dedicated Roon Core ROCK is the way to go.

For a turnkey you can get Nucleus but if you are able to build your own NUC and ROCK I would opt for that. Other options like Sonic Transporter are available too