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I am a roon user with one computer as core, one computer as core controller and one computer as a roon endpoint. I have created a separate ethernet network for these computers with manually assigned ip addresses. I have just purchased and set up a nuc to use as a rock device. I have successfully updated the bios and installed to rock os and it is trying to find an address for me to enter on another computer I think to finish loading codecs and make other configurations. My private network is not DCHP so no address is being displayed.

How can I manually enter a fixed ip address to my new NUC Rock device? I see no way to directly access any settings in the ROCK OS.

Any help will be appreciated. Thank You

Get into your router software and set a reserved address for any device you want.

You don’t want static addresses anyway.
Since DHCP isn’t aware of static addresses, there is a potential to confuse IP addresses.

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Try “ping rock”, maybe you will be able to find the IP. Then use that IP into your browser address.


It won’t work. It will sit there all day.

You’ll need to set-up a DHCP server on that network. Use a small scope of, say, 4 addresses. ROCK will boot, get an address, then use the web interface to assign it a static address (outside the scope obviously). I ended up doing this on my “static” network. Too many things these days just assuming DHCP will be there and the thing going braindead when its not.

Other option, plug ROCK into another network with DHCP, let it boot, change it’s IP, then plug it into your static network. That should work but you’d need to do this physical moving again if the config ever got borked. My advise, again, save yourself the longer headache and just get a DHCP server on that network with a very small scope. It will be worth the time when issues like this arise.

Sorry to say there are a lot of people making this sound much harder than it is. As someone who designs and builds networks for a living some of these ideas sound far too much like hard work.

Easiest way is as someone above suggested, use your router to assign a fixed address to the MAC address of your device.

Most routers will give you a list of currently connected devices (which you can use to find the currently assigned address), then just manually add a fixed IP assignment to the MAC address of your device.

Even easier, go to your routers IP settings for DHCP and change the size (scope) of the Range to exclude maybe the top ten addresses (you’ll probably be on a 192.168.0.x range). For example change the dhcp range from 0-254 to 0-244.

Then you can just manually assign your Rock an address at the top of the range (250-253 probably best, there are a myriad of reasons not to pick 254)

If you can tell me what kind of router you have I may be able to give more specific advice.

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That’s the way to do it indeed @David_Crosbie1 , i did it also in my setup, works like a charm :slight_smile:

Static addresses on devices is a messy and troublesome way to do things: rarely a good idea unless you know exactly why you want to do that and the implications therin

Thank you all,

I ended up directly hooking to my wifi router. Getting an IP form it. With that in the browser I reassigned the static address to the one that I had previously used on my roon private network Reinstalled the NUC in its place and every thing is working well now.

Again thank you all

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