Roon Rock Changing out HDD to SSD


Could someone point me to any article (or help me) with what I would need to do to transfer my music from the HDD that is in my NUC to an SSD. The database is on the M.2 drive, that will remain. Just need to change out the 2TB HDD with a new 2TB SSD to make it silent (I already moved everything into an Akasa fanless case and it works great!) I just hate the noise of the hard drive.

Thanks in advance!

Disable your current watchfolder.
Close Roon.
Replace hdd with SSD.
Copy music to SSD.
Start Roon. Make new watchfolder.
Delete old watchfolder.
That’s it.

Thank you very much, I will give it a shot. I am assuming that I will see the SSD on the network share in order to copy the music. Also, I don’t need to worry about the other folders in the directory, they will create themselves ones I make it a new watchfolder, or is all I am really doing is replacing that storage folder when I make a new watchfolder?