Roon Rock connected USB drive - cannot copy files

Installed a 8TB drive directly connected to i7 NUC running Core.

After copying the previously NAS located music and getting Roon working from that new storage location, today (1 day later) I find that I cannot copy new files to that drive - Tried rebooting, re-connecting drive, etc.

Message is I have no privileges to read drive.

What am I missing here?


Where are you trying to access the drive from?

Remotely from my MacMini.
Its not a drive problem,I can connect directly to MacMini and works well, can access everything.

Could it be connected to this one? ExFat drives aren't accessible from ROCK in case of mounting via SMB [Fixed, B156]

Hi Vincent and thanks!

I do not think it was related to that, later last evening it sort of cured itself and its working fine now.

Computers are mysterious…

Thanks for the help, if it happen again I will follow advise and report back!