Roon ROCK connecting to Bryston BDP-1

Hi folks,
I’m new to this community. Nice to be here.

Apologies if this has been previously discussed, but wondering how to connect
Roon ROCK kit to a Bryston BDP-1 digital player. The BDP only has USB-A type inputs.
Is there a way to use the BDP1’s ethernet input to receive the digital signal from the ROCK?
Or perhaps some other method…?

Thanks! Sully.

That would be a question for Bryston as they would have to add the code into the device. Otherwise many use a Ethernet to USB converter like the microRendu or ultraRendu, with great success.

This would be done across the network.

ROCK / Core --> Ethernet cable --> Router / switch --> Ethernet cable --> BDP-1

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Yes, assuming that it has the correct firmware and is RoonReady.

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Don’t know about Rock, but the BDP-1 is Roon Ready, and connected to the network via ethernet cable. Roon Ready has to be selected in the Bryston unit settings. Check the applicable box under Services.


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thanks Malcolm.

Yes, I am using the BDP1 as a Roon Endpoint and have been for the last 3 or 4 years. It works great! But I’m trying to figure out how to get the CORE off my laptop and into its OWN device.
The Nucleus looks nice, but it a ton of cash for a little computer.
Thinking of getting the ROCK kit - but just wanted to make sure I can still use my BDP1.

It seems like i can plug ROCK into Router directly, and keep my BDP connected to Ethernet too.
And once I load the ROON app on my iPad, i should be able to designate the BDP1 as an endpoint Like i am currently doing. (except with MacBook).

My preference is to use an endpoint. And the Bryston is beauty. Sounds amazing.

i have the current firmware installed yep!

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Yep that will work.

Spring for the ROCK/NUC. If you can follow instructions…:slight_smile:

yep. i think i will spring for the ROCK.

I can buy a ROCK kit - 7i - all installed and delivered for about $1000 CAD.
Does this seem like a reasonable price?

Also, i’ve read somewhere on this forum that the Nucleus sounds demonstrably better than a ROCK kit. thoughts on this one, anybody?

cheers. T

It shouldn’t make a difference what the Core is running on if the final endpoint is networked like the BDP-1. I also have a BDP-1 networked and it doesn’t matter if I use any of my 4 machines (3 x MacBook Pro + iMac). Different cores may make a difference if you were to use USB connection directly.

Also, why don’t you consider a Mac Mini for around that price? It will easily run Roon like NUC without any headaches or problems and give you the option to use it for other stuff beside Roon.

$1000 is about right. Did mine over a year ago for $890US

thanks JV.

That’s funny Zoom. I would guess Roon Core would sound the same on 3 Macbook Pros. Isn’t that like comparing one onto itself? lol.

And I must’ve heard from 50 people saying a power cable swap “shouldn’t” make a difference either. And it absolutely does make a difference. 100% certain.

I am considering NUC vs. MacMini because I am interested in having a dedicated machine for music only. I am not interested in multi-function ability - in fact, that’s what i wish to avoid. I have enough computers around the house to satisfy my needs. last thing i need is yet another Apple product. But i love them too :slight_smile: Thanks for your suggestions.

Zoom, what are your thoughts from the observations of others, who have used Nucleus and noticed a significant improvement in sound vs. running Roon Core from their laptops? Maybe their systems are so resolving they can more easily perceive the differences…? Or perhaps their laptops were noisy to start with…?

in any event…I am curious to try NUC or Nucleus. and get Core off my computer. I wish my BDP could have CORE built internally. that would be the cats ass. but, much more horsepower needed…complete redesign…etc…etc…plus, i would suspect most people with the BDP’s are more interested in running external HDs - so perhaps the Roon market isn’t robust enough to go down that road…but only a matter of time in my mind.

ok…time to stir the beef stew and pour another glass of beer.


Stereophile said the Bryston BDP-1 cost $2,500.
The Nucleus is $1,400.

And the Audioquest NRG-4 power cable is $400.

It’s funny what we are willing to pay for. And unwilling.

Well my 3 Macbook Pros are from different generations (2010, Mid 2012, and 2018) and I also have an iMac. I’ve done a fair share of my experimentation with the BDP-1 and its playback methods. I also have a Torus isolation transformer for my rig so anything outside doesn’t matter (or at least reduced).

I’ve run MPD, DLNA with Audirvana Plus, and Roon in every configuration possible: from flash drives, FLAC vs. WAV on MPD, portable 2.5" hard drives, 3.5" external drives, Synology NAS, USB Hubs, linear power supplies for them, Audioquest Jitterbug x 2 for USB connections, USB Wifi adapter for BDP-1, 3 different network switches, 2 different routers (currently a dedicated Cisco router with wifi off with no switch), all kinds of network cables (Cat5e,6, 6a, shielded S/STP, Belden bonded), linear power supplies for the networking gear, multiple digital AES/SPDIF/USB cables at various lengths (2,6,10,18 feet). I do hear the differences between these playback methods and the hardware used…I have my preferences.

BTW Bryston’s looking at getting Roon Core functionality in the BDP-3 sometime this year. Perhaps that maybe of interest to you.

The Bryston BDP-1 hasn’t been sold new for many years. It’s been readily available for $1000 or less for at least the past 4-5 years in the used market.

Both Nucleus and BDPs are single purpose machines. The Nucleus obviously comes with being able to run Roon Core and gives USB output. The BDP come with MPD functionality, Roon endpoint, and BDP-3 soon coming with Roon Core functionality. The BDPs also have excellent digital output (USB, AES, SPDIF).

A case can be made for either depending on what gear the person already has or what they are looking to get out of the equipment.

exactly. I bought my BDP1 a few years ago for less than $1500. And a Nucleus in Canada retails for $2000 plus tax. I’m not keen on spending $2K on Nucleus unless i have an opportunity to hear it it my system first - and it makes a noticeable improvement. But i think i can justify ditching the MacBook from the music room for a dedicated device in the $1K area. Magic question is…does the Nucleus sound better than a NUC / ROCK. wish i could A/B these suckers.

Sure, there may be differences and it may be a bit better, but it still won’t get you the best out of the BDP-1 or the other BDPs.

Have you tried MPD with everything disabled and using WAVs? I use the BDP-1 in MPD pulling WAVs off a NAS (DS119J). Much cheaper than any of the other options. It doesn’t compare to the Roon experience, but it makes up for it in SQ. Lowest overall processing with this method.

The differences seem to still be audible even on the stronger BDP-3:

Roon is great, but MPD remains the best.

hey zoomer. yes, absolutely agree. the first few years with the BDP-1, i used MPD almost exclusively. Yep, it sounds better than Roon, I agree. But…for me, the tradeoff for convenience, enjoyment, access to virtually unlimited library, and exploring new music is worth it. every once in awhile i switch off Roon, and go back to MPD - and I’m always delighted.

nice article on the BDP-3. But i highly doubt Bryston will release a BDP version with ROON CORE anytime soon. It means a total redesign. I believe most BDP users are using the device to play from NAS or HD’s - and the demand isn’t likely high enough to dedicate the resources required for a re-build. Plus, it would likely add another grand on top of the $3500 asking price, or so, for a BDP3. I hope they manage to pull it off though…only a matter of time. But doubt it’ll be 2019.