Roon Rock detected Hegel H390 as ALSA

Roon Rock i5 поколения 10/16Gb/256s → USB-кабель → Hegel H390

Сетевое оборудование и детали настройки

Xiaomi Redmi AX6 → LAN кабель → Roon Rock

Подключенные аудиоустройства

qobuz/tidal only

Описание проблемы

Roon Rock detected Hegel H390 as ALSA only.
can not use mode Roon!


Roon Rock i5 Gen 10/16Gb/256s → USB Cable → Hegel H390

Network equipment and configuration details

Xiaomi Redmi AX6 → LAN Cable → Roon Rock

Connected audio devices

qobuz/tidal only

Description of the problem

Roon Rock discovered the Hegel H390 as ALSA only. can not use mode Roon!

This is correct; ALSA is the audio driver for ROCK, and what Roon will use. Enable the device, and you’ll be able to use the Hegel with Roon.

![Снимок экрана 2022-10-27 в 14.36.08|690x433](upload://rVu9iMEnFdFa6vns7SMwgv85XKa.png)

Roon Ready only applies to Ethernet input. If you use the USB input of the Hegel (or any dac for that matter), it will never be considered Roon Ready.


Is alsa the best option in my case?

You can try both methods together, and decide for yourself. In theory, there should be no difference.


Hi @Nikolay_Frolov,

Just checking in here. Did you get things figured out?


Everything is ok. The sound quality is the same by ALSA and LAN.
LAN is limited to 24/192.
However, LAN gives volume control functions and an amplifier sleep timer.


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