Roon ROCK: External DAC connection?

Hi there, I am new to the Roon platform and totally happy with it. But there is still some lack in understanding the system and it would be great, if you could help me!
I installed Roon ROCK on a HP EliteDesk 500 with i5, 8GB of RAM, an internal SSD for the data base and an internal 1TB SSD for the music files. I already installed all my digital music to this internal drive.
In my Roon network there is a Cocktail Audio X45 attached to an High end audio system.
Of course I will find the X45 being Roon tested and activated in my network, but - and here is the question:
Do I need to connect the ROCK server to the USB DAC in of X45? Will the Rock server recognize the X45 as an external DAC? Or will the DAC of the X45 be used anyway?
You see, there is still some missing knowledge on my side!
Best wishes from sunny Munich in Bavaria, Germany, Joerg

The x45 is Roon Ready endpoint so if it’s connected to the network and you active it in the audio settings as an endpoint then that is all you need. No need to use usb at all if you have Roon Ready endpoint. It should show up as a Roon Ready device, Roon tested would mean it’s only using the Airplay input which is limited. If you not seeing it as a device under Roon Ready then you might need support help.

Here is my Roon Ready Naim

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