Roon rock extremely slow loading after firmware update

Everthing was god until I installed the new update, and now i have extremely long loadtimes. Up to 5 minutes between songs.
I have made no changes on my network from when it worked perfectly…

Using older nuc i5 (2core) running rock… to meridian 218.
Almost only playing tidal. Except for 5 dsd albums.

Its very strange. Sometimes it works as usual- sometimes hardly at all…

Best Regards

Hello @Eric_Ohlson,

Thanks for contacting support, I’d be happy to assist you with this issue. I have a few questions that will give us the right step in troubleshooting here:

  • Can you please let me know the exact model number of the NUC?
  • Does local content work as expected?
  • What is your Roon Remote in this setup?
  • How is your ROCK connected to the internet in this case, Ethernet directly to the Router or are you making use of a switch/range extender in this setup?
  • Can you please try rebooting the Core, Remote and all of your networking equipment?
  • What is the model/manufacturer of your Router and any other networking equipment you have?
  • Do you have any firewalls active on your Router that could be blocking Roon from working properly?

Since you mention that the issue is primarily impacting TIDAL usage, I would like to see if disabling and then re-enabling the service triggers any change, to do so please:

  • Temporarily disable and then re-enable your TIDAL account from Roon Settings -> Services -> Edit Button next to TIDAL. This option should look like this:

Please let me know the above information when possible and if any of my suggestions help resolve the issue.