Roon Rock installed in NuC, missing codex installed but wont show


I installed Roon Rock, It says I’m missing the codex. Roon Rock is running fine on a NuC NUC6i3SYK with 4gig of ram.(Did order 4 extra gigs.)

I had Roon installed on my PC first. But moving the core to a nuc.
I installed the codex showed how in the manual. But when I check I still get to see that the codex is missing. Is the codex mandatory? Like I said before Roon is running fine how it is. Am I missing out on full functionality?

I did unpack the file and put it in de Codex file map.


Did you copy 1 file only (file “ffmpeg”) or the entire archive content?
Can you share the content of your “/Data/Codecs/” folder?

at the moment.

maybe am doing it wrong. But my streaming works from Tidal.

Thank you all. Seems for some reason codexs are fine now and installed.

again thanks for thinking with me.

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There must be 1 file only (file “ffmpeg”) in that folder. You extracted the entire archive, instead of 1 file only.
After copy the file, you must restart Roon Service.

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