Roon Rock MIgration

Hello I currently have ROCK running on a NUC8i5 installed on an internal SSD. I am upgrading to a more powerful NUC8i7. The question is, can I just swap all the hardware, update the BIOS in the new NUC i7 and be up and running? or do I need to go thru the entire install process again?

Thanks for your help


Hi @Xavier_Pinto,

Just to confirm - you only have one internal SSD (not perhaps two - one for database/one for music)? I would suggest making a Backup of your Roon database before beginning this process.

The Roon database lives on the internal drive but swapping hardware in this way is not something we test in the lab, so I too would be interested to know the outcome of your hardware swap.

sorry yes, 1 M2 SSD for OS and database and a separate SSD for music library. I do periodic automatic backups to NAS, but just did one before doing anything just in case.
I swapped OS/Database SSD, LIbrary SSD and RAM, ported all to new NUC and it is up and running.



Glad to hear you’re up and running @Xavier_Pinto.

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