Roon Rock 'Missing Codecs' despite putting ffmpeg in /Data/Codecs directory

Core Machine

Rock Version 1.0 (build 227) on Intel NUC10i7FNH flashed to FN0052 bios.
16gb ram. boot 500gb NVMe SSD plus storage 128gb sata SSD.

Network Details

wired gigabit ethernet

I’m new to trying out roon (as of yesterday) and most things seem to be working as expected, but despite following standard instructions on acquiring/decompressing/placing an appropriate ffmpeg executable in the rock /Data/Codecs and rebooting it, it still shows ‘Missing Codecs’ on the web interface.

The ffmpeg file shows as 73.1mb on the rock nas share at /Data/Codecs. The file original does correctly execute on my desktop with ubuntu 20. I did try the alternative release 4.4 version and the i686 ones from John Van Sickle - FFmpeg Static Builds but no change.
Am I missing something ?
Am I right in presuming the ffmpeg codec issue explains the internet radio not working ?


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Hello @Michael_Wilson1, it sounds as if you’ve done all the uncompressing and putting it in the right place OK. There is one wrinkle that sometimes catches people using a linux system - permissions. This post may be useful.

Hi @Michael_Wilson1 and welcome to the forum.

Make sure the executable bit is also set. Se the discussion in this thread:

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Now sorted - by copying the file from a windows 10 machine (!). My file transfers from ubuntu wouldn’t work - even though ffmpeg was executable before and showed as executable after transferring.

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