Roon ROCK / NAS mini-pc?


I am currently running RoonServer on my main PC, with my audio on a 3.5" drive enclosed in an attached drive bay (along with my other media).
At some point I would love to upgrade to a NUC or mini PC that acts as a NAS.

What would such a solution look like? How to run both Roon ROCK and NAS functionality for my other media?
I also just started my trial for Backblaze and am thinking of paying for that to get some peace of mind with cloud storage.
Another issue is monitoring file integrity. Since 3.5" drives would fail gradually, I would want a solution where I could constantly monitor file integrity, so I can restore any corrupted data from the cloud (the cheaper Backblaze option only allows for limited snapshotting).

What would the optimal system requirements for something like this look like?
There are so many options available, and I’m not really knowledgeable enough on what exactly I need, and how it would fit into a compact, balanced / low power usage design.

I built my own gaming PC, so I am comfortable ordering the parts and putting it together myself, I just don’t really know where or how to start with what exactly I need to combine all of the above mentioned functionality…

Any info or advice would be massively appreciated, I’ve been putting this off for way too long, I feel it’s finally time to take the jump and really get something dedicated and reliable going.

I don’t think you can. ROCK is deliberately stripped down to only do Roon requirements.

I’d suggest getting a real NAS, or building a FreeNAS server if you must do it yourself, and just running Roon Server on that.

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Yeah, that was my main doubt, being able to do both.
I will go that route then, thanks! :+1:

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