Roon Rock not showing up on home network on 1 of 3 computers

NUC Roon Rock Build 571

Pepwave Soho router/Cisco Catalyst 2960 Ethernet and wireless


I have three computers in the house on the home network…well four with the NUC.

I can see Rock on home network on two of three. Of course the one I use 99% of the time I can’t.

Custom HTPC Windows 10 works.
Macbook Pro 2015 OSX Catalina works.
Macbook Pro 2015 Bootcamp Windows 10 Rock doesn’t show up. I have turned off all fire walls and am not very network savvy.

Actually been getting back into vinyl and it is so relaxing compared to never ending computer crap…even if I can’t feed my ADD with the next button.

Hello @Christopher_Whitten1, my apologies that you’re having issues, but we’re happy to help you get back up and running again! You had mentioned that you had a Cisco Catalyst 2960 managed switch in your setup. Are you able to bypass this device or connect the issue Macbook directly to the router via Ethernet?

I bring this up because, in our networking guide, we generally don’t recommend using managed switches. Also, removing extraneous variables from your setup will help us get closer to the root cause. Thanks and let me know!

Thanks for suggestion but it didn’t make a difference. I have used the same switch in another setup and it does show up on the network. Not sure what is up here.
Anymore suggestions would be appreciated.

Hello @Christopher_Whitten1, just to clarify, can you see the issue mac on the network in general? Can you connect it directly to the router as a test?

Would you clarify these questions? I don’t understand issue mac. Can I connect what directly to the router?

Hello @Christopher_Whitten1, just to clarify, the mac that isn’t working is the mac running Bootcamp, correct? Does Roon work if you run it outside Bootcamp on the mac itself?

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