Roon ROCK on NUC dualboot with ubuntu server, how to?

I’m wondering how it would be possible to dualboot Roon ROCK and Ubuntu Server (or an other NAS OS) on a NUC?
I was thinking this because i think it would be a shame to have such a fast Server but not use it as a NAS.
My music is stored next to it on a Synology NAS.
CPU @ 3,10 GHz

The ROCK installer currently formats the entire system SSD. See Danny’s post:

ROCK doesn’t allow for such a setup. I also can’t see any benefit from such a setup (Who wants to reboot a server machine just to be able to listen to some music?). Use a generic Linux server distribution and install Roon Server and any other software you want to use on that machine on it.

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sorry, I really am a newbee.
that is exactly what I wanted to do. So I can install for example ubuntu server on my NUC and then Roon Server on top? my idea was that both OSs simultanly run. what is the differenz between Roon ROCK and Roon Server? thank you…

ROCK: Getting Started > Roon Optimized Core Kit

ROCK is a complete OS that turns a NUC into a dedicated Roon Server appliance (Roon Core).
The Roon Server software adds the ability to act as a Roon Core to the machine it runs on.

Read also:

I allready read a lot about Roon and ROCK, and I am fascinated.
So if I undertstand that wright there is no differenz between ROCK and Roon Server. Would u recommend an other NAS OS than ubuntu server? and why?
please tell me also if I ask too many questions…

ROCK updates itself automatically. You would need to update Ubuntu manually if you ran Roon Server on an Ubuntu server.

ROCK is therefore more of a turnkey product and people using it are not using the computer for other tasks.

allright. perfect. many many thanx. have a good sunday

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In case one likes experimenting, there may well be three options:

  1. Using two separate SSD drives: one with ROCK as OS and the other with Linux as OS. When one wishes to change from one system to the other: the boot order has to be changes in Bios of the NUC. It may be wise to install both OS separately with one drive removed.
  2. First install ROCK and afterwards Linux while using a boot loader to change OS.
  3. Using Linux on a separate pendrive.

But, when you wish to avoid misery, rely on your lot, that states that ROCK is intended to operate solitary on the NUC.

I have Ubuntu Server & Roon Server loaded on my NUC. I found the installation to be pretty easy following the directions:

If you plan on storing music files on both your NUC & your NAS, then you’ll probably want to load Samba on your NUC. You’ll be able to transfer music files to your NUC after ripping them on a PC if this is something you intend to do.

that is exactly what i intend to do. Ubuntu Server is now installed on my NUC. Then I just need to type :
curl -O
$ chmod +x
$ sudo ./

? because it is not working…

curl -O , seems to work but then, when i type $ chmod +x , it says “chmod: cannot access ‘’: No such file or directory”

iḿ really sorry…

I tried the commands you posted. The curl command to download it seemed to work fine.

I then typed ls -l to list the files in the directory. I could see the downloaded file (which you seem to have trouble with).

So my chmod command worked fine because unlike you, the file existed.

If you type an ls command, can you see the file after submitting the curl download command?