Roon ROCK on NUC - internal wireless usage?

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Hello - I just built the ROCK system on my NUC via ethernet and all fine. I am trying to get it to use the internal Intel wireless card - how can you setup or connect to my wireless network? When I was wired and went into the Roon CORE for setup, wasn’t seeing the wireless card? Help

Saying which nuc you are using would help.

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Apologies - DC3217IYE

I’m assuming you are using your DC3217IYE NUC ROCK installation as your core, but the DC3217IYE NUC board doesn’t appear to have integrated internal wireless support as just the board; did you add an internal wireless card? If your NUC, by some chance, does have an internal wireless card, which one is it (not all cards are supported)? If not an internal card, are you using a USB wireless dongle? If you are using your NUC as your core (and not an endpoint), how are you remote controlling your NUC? – through a PC? Answers to these questions should help find a solution to your issue.

It’s an Intel N6235 internal PCIe M-2 mini card. 802.11 a/b/g/n… using it as Core. Accessing via tablet/phone/PC.

ROCK only supports a very limited number of Wifi cards/chipsets. Have you checked to see if this one is compatible?

Further and just in case you are not aware, it is much better to hard wire the ROCK machine to the router if at all possible. Roon is a bit sniffy about wifi at the best of times…

EDIT: from the ROCK KB page:

** We recommend using the onboard ethernet, but support for some USB ethernet and WiFi adapters is included. Some of the above NUC7s have built-in WiFi, which we may support, but once again, we recommend using ethernet and not assuming WiFi works here, or is an acceptable solution for Roon Core connectivity.**

Hi @Josh_Walden,

The current NUC you are using is not on our supported model list and as such, we have not tested it.

As @dannybgoode mentions, we also do not test WiFi capabilities on NUCs as we strongly suggest using Ethernet whenever possible for a more stable Roon experience.

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My NUC6CAYH (also an unsupported NUC, but I use it as an endpoint only) came with an M.2 wireless card that wasn’t supported by ROCK. So I bought and substituted an Intel AC7265 wireless card that is supported by ROCK and was approved as an alternate card for my specific NUC by Intel. Don’t know if you could do the same with yours, or if it would function OK with ROCK in your NUC. But I agree with some of the other preceding comments - I don’t use any of my ROCK NUCs wirelessly (only with wired Ethernet) - only wireless I use is for control of the core via iPads. I think for your core you would definitely want a wired connection if at all possible (why I changed the cards in my NUC endpoints to enable wireless, I can’t really say - maybe just experimenting?)

Here is a photo of the substituted card (around $14.00 on Amazon):


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