ROON Rock on NUC

Roon Core Machine

Roon Rock on NUC8i5BEH with Samsung SSD980

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Huwaei + Google Mesh

Connected Audio Devices

Roon Ready Devices via ethernet - Bluesound Vault 2i, Woo Audio and RME ADI-2 DAC (through Windows computer USB). Other Roon Ready devices include the Lyngdorf 1120 and Hi-fi Rose 201E

Number of Tracks in Library

32,344 tracks / 2443 albums

Description of Issue

I have recently shifted to ROON Rock on a NUC as the ROON Core which I have self installed (a lot of assistance from your help pages and Darko’s youtube called ROON Rocks!) The installation has been fine. I can now see all of the devices connected through the ethernet (including through the Windows computer which was used as the Core before this installation). However, the NUC is unable to see the wifi ROON Ready devices (eg Lyngdorf 1120 and Hifi Rose 201E) which were visible when using the Windows computer.

Would appreciate any assistance in fixing this.

Hi - there’s a comment on this thread:-

…that says wifi isn’t supported on NUC 8 or 10. I use the same NUC as you but can’t see a way wifi endpoints can be directly attached, so I presume it’s ethernet only on those models.


That being said, if you can connect your NUC using ethernet to the wifi router or a wifi access point, you should be able to connect to the NUC over wifi. This is how I have my roon setup.
NUC => ethernet => switch => ethernet => Wifi Router. All my wifi devices and roon remotes (Iphone, Ipad, laptop, etc) can all access the NUC as long as they are on the same SSID that is provided by the wifi router.

I have the same setup as you, @Patrick_Van_Osta, and all remotes (iPhone, iPad etc.) work fine. As I understand it, though, the OP is looking to connect wifi endpoints rather than remotes, although I may have misunderstood the post.
However, it would make sense that wifi endpoints should still be seen. I have none so am unable to check here.


Daft Question - Have you enabled the Wi Fi devices in Settings>Audio ? in your Windows Roon GUI

Maybe a screenshot of Settings>Audio may help

ROCK does not support Wi → Router that’s what the reference above says. There is no reason once ROCK has seen the Network by ethernet that WiFi devices shouldn’t show . I have no wi fi connected devices to show an image

Actually there are several reasons why devices would not show. Signal strength too low, signal interference, devices not on the same subnet in the network, device connection issue (not logged into WiFi or setup properly), and WiFi device defective and MAC address (Media Access Control not the computer type) or IP address filtering or some other setting(s) on the router that denies the connection from the devices.

Steps I would take are to check signal strength and for interference, check IP addresses of NUC and devices to verify they are on the network and on the same subnet. Check the router to see if it is seeing the devices and allowing them to be accessed.

Thanks for your replies. Have shifted (to and fro) from the Windows PC as the Core to NUC a couple of times now. The windows PC shows all Roon endpoints including wifi. The NUC only shows ethernet based endpoints. For the moment they are sitting side by side. Wonder if the NUC requires something else to be done before it sees the wifi endpoints.

I don’t understand the question. The wifi devices do not show up in Settings>Audio for it to be “enabled”. Only ethernet devices show up when NUC is the Core. All devices show up when Windows PC is the Core so you can “enable” the wifi devices.

Did you try bearFNF’s suggestions?

Not sure if I have tried all of them … I am not well versed with all the tech stuff particularly related to internet settings.

The signal strength in the room appears to be pretty strong. There is only one network in the house. All of the devices work on Tidal / Spotify without issues.

Sorry to confuse , you are quite correct NUC does not support WiFi so they wouldn’t show up


I only have one real end point which is Ethernet. I do use iPad via Bluetooth in the kitchen and these do not show up in the devices

Mike it is incorrect to say that because a NUC does not have wifi, then wifi-connected endpoints will not show up in Settings > Audio.

As long as a wifi connected device is incorporated in the network, then the Roon Core will see it (providing of course that the wifi device is on the same network as the Roon Core).

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So can you tell us what the IP addresses are for your ROCk/NUC, your Windows computer and your Lyngdorf 1120? Thanks.

I agree, it should show up. My question remains, it does not currently show up whereas everything shows up when the PC acts as the core. Does one need to do something with the NUC to let the wifi endpoints show up.

See my question above… Thanks.

IP address

Lyngdorf is
Hifi Rose


I think the Roon Rock is (this shows up on the monitor when connected with the NUC)

And there’s your problem: 192.168.100.x is a different subnet from 192.168.86.x - and Roon doesn’t work across subnets. Although it does seem odd that you’re able to use Roon on your PC to connect to the Core on the NUC…

Did you set up ROCK/NUC with a static IP address? If not, then there must be another router in your network that is handing out addresses in the 192.168.100.x range…

I am afraid, I am a bit lost. Both the PC and the NUC are connected through ethernet cables attached to the same switch. Although the PC has wifi connection too. With limited knowledge, this maybe the problem … the wifi and the ethernet have different subnets (?). If so I need to figure out how to get the wifi to work within the same subnet.

Sorry I thought that was the case , I have no wi fi connected devices other than remotes , hence my thought !!


Yes, the fact that the PC has both wifi and ethernet connections would explain why it can connect to the Core on a different subnet… What’s providing the Wifi in your network?