Roon Rock on NUC8i3BEH - General Guidance and Comments

I’ve tried ROCK on 7i3BNK, 8i3BEK and 8i5BEH. The 7i3BNK is the quiet one, the other ones makes quite a bit of noise even in a well ventilated cabinet 5 meters away.

The 7i3BNK has a TDP of 15W (as does the 7i5 model). The 8th generation models have a TDP of 28W as far as I know. This probably accounts for the increased fan noise of the 8th gen models?

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Thanks everyone. Really appreciate all the replies and viewpoints. As someone new to Roon, ROCK, NUCs, etc., it’s very encouraging to see how many people are running them and still retaining their sanity.

I intend to study the knowledge-base as I go. Before buying components I just wanted to ask one more question:

Would an internal ssd on the NUC or even an external ssd attached directly to the NUC be accessible to Plex that is running on a Synology NAS? I’m thinking about remote access.

As a network share, yes.

Cool. Thank you.

I recently built a ROCK using an 8i3BEH in an Akasa Plato fanless case. It’s fast (as long as Roon isn’t having its “search issue”) and, in the fanless case, silent.

The standard NUC is not quiet. It was louder than both an old Dell i5 laptop AND a Synology NAS which I was using in the same room previously to run Roon store/core. The NUC was noisy even at idle and the fan is an annoyingly high pitch. If you’re using it outside the listening room AND in a space where you don’t need things to be quiet (like I did in my office) then you’ll be OK with the standard NUC, but I’d say there’s most certainly a reason why the Roon team designed the Nucleus to be fanless.

The transfer into a fanless case was pretty easy as long as you’re careful, follow the instructions, and use common sense/ask for help on the forum for anything you’re not sure about. Check out my thread on it here if you like, especially re: the difference in BIOS procedure between the Roon ROCK install KB and the actual BIOS in the newer 8xx series.


Then your NUC had an issue. All the NUCs I’ve had were and still are whisper quiet.


I don’t think so. I’ve since heard a friend’s NUC and the noise was exactly the same as mine.


I have two 8i5BEH and one 8i3BEK and they all make fan noise, even at idle. I believe the high TDP is the reason. The 7i3BNK was almost noiseless but has a lower TDP.

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Can it be down to some configuration? My NUC8i3BEH i also nearly silent…

Mine is very quiet certainly much quieter than my Nas or laptop.

This is what I believe.

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Not unless you’re doing something specific in BIOS config? Mine was making this noise level with BIOS config as out of the box except for the changes recommended in the ROCK install guide.

This deserves its own thread as it’s an interesting topic! Mods, any chance?

This is a valid point and used to be very well catered for by Meridian’s Trifield implementation. Well, I say used to, it still is, but they don’t push it as hard these days as a selling point which I feel is a huge shame as it’s fabulously good!

I think you both have a point - a perfectly set up stereo might approximate a good surround setup, but in actual living rooms rather than dedicated studios and especially when sharing the musical experience with others, multichannel is hard to beat.

Why not start one - you don’t have to wait for the Mods to do it…

I’ve got to agree with Mikael here, my NUC8i5BEH is also whisper silent out of the box. It also runs very cool and rock steady.

I dont believe i did, but i might as well take a look! :slight_smile:

Of course, but off-topic content is routinely spun off into new threads, which clarifies both, that was all.

It would be interesting to find out if it correlates to specific settings.

Also, are you running ROCK or under Windows?

What’s your room temperature? With my NUC8i3BEH fan noise is almost absent in winter and spring seasons (with 20C) whilst in summer (with 26-28C) fan noise is perceivable even when not streaming.
I am using ROCK and recommended BIOS settings.