Roon Rock or Roon Core for old PC

I’m currently running roon core on an old Dell laptop and the only complaint I have is that it’s slow. I’m building a new pc and want to put my old components (intel 5930k and nvidia 1080) into a fractal north case. I’ll be using a usb connection to my dac because the wireless in my house isn’t that good, and will get a ddc in the near future. I’m not sure if I should set it up as a rock or a core though and am would like some advice.

@Anthony_Maisano, welcome to the Community. A fellow user here, but a Roon Core can be a Windows 10/11 PC, MacOS or Linux, or a RoonOS device, using the all-in-one Nucleus or Nucleus Plus from Roon directly, or a ROCK implementation using Intel’s NUC system. Supported NUCs from Roon are:

Intel NUCs are very specific configurations manufactured by Intel, and they are not designed to be DIY-assembled from different components.

Since you have an i7 CPU and a good NVIDIA-supported graphics card, it may be best to run your Core on either Windows 10 or 11 or by using Linux.

ROCK is locked down, you cannot load drivers, and only contains the drivers for the hardware of the specified Intel NUCs.

A 1080 is useless in a ROCK PC since there is no GUI, or even a command line interface.

I installed ROCK on a 10 year old i3 based PC with an SSD - worked fine with my 30k library

Since you (apparently) have nothing to lose and IMO it’s quite an interesting mini project, give it a go

I swapped back to using my Nucleus as the SQ overall was slightly better and the Nucleus is a far smaller overall package

If you use ROCK it will occupy the entire SSD it is put on. If that is OK try it.

Thanks, I’ll give it a go. I can always reformat and go to roon core if I have to. It will probably be a couple of months before I get around to it but I’ll post results and hopefully some pics in the forum once I do. I originally wanted to go with a small mini pc but anything with decent specs was more than I wanted to spend. I chose the fractal north case because it looks like furniture and would go nicely with the rest of my system.

If you haven’t got one already, I’d use a low capacity SATA SSD, 120gb are cheap now

Once you’ve proved it works (from HDD or USB) get a bigger SSD for your music