Roon ROCK question


I am about to purchase a 7th gen NUC i3 with installed roon rock from ebay.

Seller cannot seem to be able to answer the following:

After I connect the nuc/core to my router via ethernet cable, will it be able to connect to my endpoiont (bluesound node 2i) via wifi??

The network does the connection in your router.
If you need further support try and post in the support area.


So i just have to connect nuc to router and migrate my database and I will be plug and play?

I can’t guarantee it as it depends on your network but yes that should work. Before doing any roon related work you can plug the rock into the network and make sure it is getting a network address. You can do this by looking at your router management page or by using an app like fing.
Here is the roon migration guide.

Help here if you need it…only gotcha will be if the seller hasn’t reset the setup or if he perhaps set it to have a static IP address…but that’s easy fixed with the monitor and a keyboard entered command…but otherwise should be easy.

One other comment…I have a nucleus with the same spec Nuc board and I upgraded the ssd to m.2 128gb nvme drive and extra ram to 12gb total…this supports 30pk tracks pretty well.

@wizardofoz Thank you for your help!
I am going to clarify this with the seller and then probably proceed with buying the unit. As long as I can do NUC to NODE via wifi I am ok. And of course the fact that it is up-gradable is a pro.

WiFi would be back via your router WiFi connection.

So wifi connection to the streamer is not depended on the NUC itself but on the router?

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yes while the NUC may have wifi (on that model) running Rock is best connected to direct to your router via LAN cable, and any wifi connects should be via the router.

If your router has no wifi then you could be needing the Node connected via the LAN port to the router too.

I think best you detail all your equipment as it seems you might not be quite so familiar with some of the concepts needed here.

Do some diagrams - even hand drawn if you have to and post a pic or 3 of how you think you are connecting what to what.

Our setup here:
Rock on NUC plugged to ethernet.
Wifi Router
Bluesound Pulse on Wifi.
95% of the time it works great. The 5% of the time it doesn’t gets solved by unplugging the Pulse and restarting it.

Might be worth a factory reset on the bluesound device as I seem to recall this mentioned elsewhere here.

I have a WiFi router. The way I run it now is
Laptop core (windows) >ethernet to router>WiFi to bluesound node.

I plan to do:
Nuc core > ethernet to router> wifi to bluesound

Is that correct??

Yes you will need to deauthorize the windows core when you get the Nuc core up, then the windows installation will become a remote