Roon Rock Server Software not running

HELP, please
Just setup roon rock on an Intel NUC 10i7.
And always get the message : ROON SERVER SOFTWARE not running (pleas esee photo)


And this is what the NUC says at the same time:

Try clicking Reinstall next to the Operating System and see if that helps.

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Greg, woulf you please tell a bloody computer fool what „clicking reinstall next to
the operating system“ means?



From the Help article on the Nucleus Web Administration Interface (also applies to your ROCK system):

  1. Reinstall RoonOS and RoonServer - Next to the Operating System section is a Reinstall button that installs the latest firmware available for Nucleus, even if you are up to date. This operation can take several minutes depending on your internet connection. This button will always reinstall the latest firmware, even if you are already running the latest.

  2. Reinstalling the software will not affect your settings or your Roon Database.

The top-left blue button in your first screenshot

Hurray; that´s it. Works.
Thank you both very much!!!

Well I am in the same boat and the Reinstall button did not fix the issue. I have reinstalled 3 times. I have restarted several times as well. All of any screens look exactly like those above. Does anyone have any other ideas?

I believe there’s a bug where the Web Administration page can get into a non-working state, and buttons, such as the Reinstall Roon OS button don’t work.

If that’s the case, then you will need to reinstall ROCK from scratch using a USB stick. Things to be aware of:

  • A fresh reinstall from a USB stick will reformat your M.2 SSD - so your existing database will be deleted. You need to have a recent Backup of your original database if you want to restore your data.
  • The reinstallation will result in an OLD version of RoonServer being installed which will first need to be updated from within the Roon UI before restoring a backup.