Roon ROCK UEFI Secure Boot Error

Created a USB boot disk (Rufus) and it will not boot with a red screen with invalid signature detected. This is a fresh installation on a new drive. This NUC system had RoonServer on Linux 22.04 running before I swapped the drive for a blank.

Intel NUC 11 - RNUC11PAHi70001
Empty out of the box 250Mb SSD M2

Please advise how to proceed preferably without disabling secure boot.


I think you will find you have to enable UEFI but disable Secure Boot.

I had it working, without an issue. I was merely posting to state that this is not right and do not think this is a feature request because once again Roon have decided that this is the way it needs to be to make their application work.

Unlike [Ubuntu] 22.04, ROCK doesn’t support UEFI, so won’t work with a NUC11.

Doesn’t EarlyAccess ROCK support UEFI (though it might not support SecureBoot, which would make that into a feature request) ?

We’re in Early Access testing here - and Build 253 does support UEFI…


@Xekomi, @Geoff_Coupe I thought I was reading in #support. :grimacing: Please ignore my senile moment.

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RoonOS (even the UEFI version) requires that secure boot is disabled in BIOS. If secure boot is a dealbreaker for you then you’re best off sticking with Ubuntu.

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I could have sworn I’d posted similar last night. Sigh. Must have been one of those started typing then deleted it posts.

Didn’t say it was deal breaker. Point is this a pre-release and you want feedback. UEFI and secure computing have been around way long enough for Roon to implement.

Very disappointed is all.

I thought I saw @danny asking in another thread how folks would suggest implementing a boot loader / installer like ROCK with secure boot. I’m not an expert in this area at all, just trying to help connect the dots. I took Danny’s question as sincerely asking how others would do it. I think in the near term the goal is to allow folks to use the recent generation of NUCs for ROCK installs, something that has been sorely needed for a while, and we are certainly no worse off. I’m also not sure what actual security benefit we’d get, but again that’s far off topic I think.

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