Roon ROCK Update Issue

I’m trying to connect My Ipad running V2.0 to my Roon Rock, using a NUC.
I can’t get the unit to update past V1.8 Build 988 that it currently has.
The system checks for an update and then indicates its waiting for the remote core to connect which never occurs.

Prior to this I’ve had no issues running ROON Rock with the Ipad.


Welcome to the Roon community, @John_Vogt.

Please visit http://rock.local (or use the IP address) and check Roon Software Version. Is this stating Roon 1.8? If so, reboot the core using the web interface, and then check if the software has updated.


Thanks for responding.
Just before you posted I tried turning the NUC
off/on a few times and on the third try it updated, so we’re good.
Thanks again!

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