Roon Rock with Directstream junior - dropouts and mute issue

I use a Roon Rock NUC gen7 with an I5 CPU, 8GB of RAM and an SSD hard drive (above minimum spec’s for a Roon Rock NUC). Connections are Ethernet via a router in the next room.
I control Roon from my laptop running WIN7 Pro, it has 16gb or RAM and an I7 processor. The remote is connected to the same router by Ethernet.
I upgraded my Direct Stream junior to Huron and then updated the Bridge II to the latest firmware last week.
I am having a few issues but I am unsure if it is an issue on the PS Audio side or the Roon side of things or perhaps a combination of both.
I have been suffering from frequent, short dropouts since I got the DSJ being feed by the Roon Rock over ethernet (to the Bridge II). By contrast, using a USB cable straight from the laptop does not suffer dropouts. I believe that this was a known issue that was meant to have been addressed with the new Huron firmware. It happens when I use mouse mainly but it does dropout when I am not touching the laptop in what seems to be a random fashion. I assumed it is do to with CPU usage in the laptop??? Just a guess.

There is another issue that started only this week which involves the DSJ muting itself randomly - there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason as to when it does it.

Another new issue that struck this week was that the unit is muting and then unmuting itself continually when changing volume in Roon. I can hear the relays in the DSJ clicking and the power light on the volume control dialogue on Roon went red to show that the unit was muted.

I posted a question on the PS Audio forum and they have responded that they are unsure if this is a DAC / firmware issue or some issue with Roon. I told them I’d post on here to see if I can get a response.

Any advice would be appreciated.